27th Nov 2010, 12:00

J D Powers did not have my last Acura; worst car I ever owned.

27th Nov 2010, 12:35

Then please explain why, after 6 years they are STILL rated higher than Accord and Camry in predicted reliability. It appears that import owners will go to any length to defend cars that have very obviously lost their edge in quality and reliability.

28th Nov 2010, 10:54

They are not according to Consumer Reports. Imports dominate in overall reliability. Even Toyota, with all the recalls, still ranks higher than the domestics.

28th Nov 2010, 19:09

The keyword is "predicted". Anybody can predict something. Heck, I'll predict something right now: I'm going to win the lottery this week. Now what are the chances of that happening? Sure it's possible, but not likely.

29th Nov 2010, 07:13

I really think the person who wrote this comment should read his or her own writing. It is PREDICTED reliability. Can you predict your future??

30th Nov 2010, 09:33

Can you predict your future??

Yes, to a certain degree. And so can you. For example my health depends a lot on my DNA, looking back on the health history of my parents and grandparents I can predict (= guesstimate the odds) that I will live well into my 80's with joint aches and manageable diabetes.

Pollsters can predict the outcome of elections.

Meteorologists can predict the amount of precipitation in the next few days.

Edmonds, JD Power, Consumer Reports and others can make predictions on things related to cars.

They all have in common that hey use historic data to figure the odds of future outcomes.

30th Nov 2010, 12:45

We have gone from a car rating site to fortune telling?

1st Dec 2010, 07:30

And how accurate were Pollsters predictions? How accurate are the weather forecasters?

Can you also predict who will win the next lottery jackpot?

2nd Dec 2010, 18:51

We don't need surveys. The American public is smarter than we give them credit for. The headline in my newspaper's automotive section today read "Toyota sales drop while other automakers rise", and noted that sales of the totally discredited Camry DROPPED 25% for the past month while Ford sales ROSE by 24.3%. People who are biased toward imports will buy them, even after 10 million recalls and 3 Grand Jury subpoenas for misrepresentation of their products. Other people (thankfully the vast majority) will look for true quality and reliability. Most of our former Camry-owning friends have already traded for a Fusion. Our local Ford dealer has trouble keeping any new Fusions on the lot.

3rd Dec 2010, 15:02

Short term memory has always been the way for the general public. Toyota will be on top before you know it once again. Also, you can come to my area where there are Fusions aplenty on every Ford lot. Hardly a tough car to get a hold of. Not sure why you think the Fusion is the God almighty sedan. They have their issues, just like any other car. Transmission problems are mounting for them, just like many other models. Resale isn't that great on them either, as they still are a domestic product. Check actual book numbers before disputing that instead of quoting future value predictions!

4th Dec 2010, 14:24

"Check actual book numbers before disputing that instead of quoting future value predictions!"

All the car salesman (and managers) in our area laugh at people who come in spouting "book values". Car values vary literally week to week based on demand and public opinion. Right now getting "book value" for a Camry is a joke (their sales lagged a full FIFTY PERCENT behind Ford sales last month). On the other hand, the Fusion (highest ranked mid-sized sedan on Earth) is selling for much more than the latest projected retail values. We bought a 2006 Fusion with 20,000 miles on it in January of 2009. The same dealer has the exact same model with the same engine, same options and leather interior, the same color and with 60,000 miles on it. The asking price is EXACTLY THE SAME as it was on our 2006 2 YEARS AGO. Used Fusions here are so expensive, most people opt for a new one because it is almost as cheap.

5th Dec 2010, 14:46

It just floors me that people continue to buy American made cars that are pretty much junk. There are a few smart people that continue to buy Honda or Toyota, and Acura or Lexus for you rich people, because they are simply just better. If you want a Ford or Chevy, by all means, go and buy one and watch it cost you extra money after 60,000 miles, because its parts are junk. The ratings of Ford or Chevy being better than Toyota or Honda are ridiculous and skewed by the government, who happens to own several American car companies. Do your homework, and buy a Toyota and Honda.

5th Dec 2010, 23:49

"Not sure why you think the Fusion is the God almighty sedan"

Well, possibly because just about every automotive source on the planet thinks it is. One magazine referred to the Fusion hybrid as the "most advanced car in the world". USA Today called it the "best hybrid built" and Consumer Reports has ranked all Fusions as higher in reliability than Camry or Accord since they began production in 2006. J.D. Powers currently rates all Fords (especially the Fusion) as superior in build quality to Toyota, Honda and Nissan. That sort of indicates they're pretty darn good.

6th Dec 2010, 10:23

"All the car salesman (and managers) in our area laugh at people who come in spouting "book values"."

You are absolutely right! This only makes my point further that the Fusion isn't worth as much as you claim it is. Take in your book value to trade you Fusion in right now, and you'll likely be offered at least $2K less than that. They will more than likely tell you it will be wholesaled and they need to dump it. Dealers put no extra value on any different car. They could care less and are out to make as much as they can. They surely don't say "gee this is the top selling Fusion, let's give this guy more money for it!"

Looking up book values to compare cars is exactly that... a comparison. The Toyota cars don't really suffer any more depreciation than a Fusion does. Like I said, quote actual sources instead of your supposed values. I just did a search for used Fusions and they are not even close to book value around here...(suggested retail, not trade in value) and these are mainly dealer asking prices which I would get quite a bit off from if I were to actually buy one. In short I could get any Fusion (SE, SEL, 4 Cylinder, V6), as there are over 600 in my area for sale on the one site I looked on, for at least $2K below any book value without even negotiating.

Really, in this economy there is NOTHING that is outstanding in car values... not even the almighty Fusion!

6th Dec 2010, 12:39

Why do people keep misquoting J.D. Powers and CR? They both agree that imports are better overall then any domestic cars. The Fusion is a step in the right direction for Ford but really hasn't had enough time to make a true name for itself yet. The Accord is once again on Car and Drivers ten best list... for the 24th year in a row!

Yes, you can look at certain facts on J.D. Powers and CR's sites that make it seem like the Fusion is the best sedan out there. You have to compare ALL of the data they have though to get the whole picture. Truth is Acura and Lexus both rank higher than any domestic company for reliability and quality.

The Fusion is a nice car, but let's not get carried away with the "God like" status. They have their issues just like any other car. They also hold their value about the same as any of the competition and not any better. Maybe someday domestic cars will outperform the imports for real, but after the Toyota recall fiasco is a distant memory, Toyota will be on the top again. You can bet on it!