Ranger 2.3

Mechanically OK, interior and body total junk

416 words

Ranger XLT 2.3L

Nine years after I bought it, I still think of it as my "new truck"

81 words

Ranger XLT Extended Cab 4x4 4.0L SOHC

Best vehicle I've owned

337 words

Ranger XL 3.0L V6

A good, cheap, reliable basic truck that is cheap and easy to maintain

184 words, 1 comment

Ranger 2.3 Liter 4 cylinder


214 words

Ranger XLT 3.0L

Great compact truck

63 words

Ranger Edge 3.0 V6

Fun-Fun-Fun!! Good Redneck Fun!

121 words

Ranger 4.0L EXT CAB SOHC

Great truck, and good value

157 words

Ranger XLT

249 words, 3 comments

Ranger XLT 4X4 4.0

Good towing ability and 4X4 is fine

157 words

Ranger XLT V6 3.0 flex fuel

F.O.R.D. Fix Or Repair Daily

47 words, 12 comments

Ranger XLT FX4 "-ous" 4.0 litre

Best small truck value in its class

162 words, 2 comments

Ranger Edge 3.0L

Good little truck, get an extended cab though

169 words

Ranger XLT 4.0

Absolute junk!!!

128 words, 21 comments

Ranger XLT 4.0L SOHC

I'd buy another, it's great value for the money

94 words

Ranger XLT 4.0 gas

I love this truck; it has done all and more than I expect

124 words, 1 comment

Ranger FX4 4.0L

Nice looking truck bad gas mileage great off road, but spends more time in the shop then my driveway

106 words, 3 comments

Ranger Edge 3.0 OHV V6

Sporty compact truck

57 words