1996 Ford Taurus reviews from North America

Taurus GL (FFV) 3.0 V6

Great car; I don't plan to go back to gasoline, and hope to find one of the last (2004) ones

202 words

Taurus GL 3.0L SFI Vulcan V6

Great car to own due to its reliableness and fixability

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Taurus LS 3.0 V6

Tough, tough, tough

83 words, 2 comments

Taurus GL 3.0L Vortec

Can't be neglected

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Taurus GL 3.0 V6

One big headache

622 words, 7 comments

Taurus GL Vulcan V6 3.0L Flex Fuel

I am upset with Ford

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The Ford Taurus is a horrible vehicle

Taurus 3.0

Do not recommend, if you want to drive it into the ground

70 words

Taurus GL 3.0 Liter

The Good, The bad and the Tranny..

161 words

Taurus GL 3.0

Volcano waiting to erupt

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Taurus LX Station Wagon 3.0 DOHC Duratec

All in all, I'd buy another Taurus, but keep an eye on it around 100K

290 words

Taurus GL 3.0

It's a money pit with no end in sight!

84 words, 1 comment

Taurus GL 3.0 Duratec V6

The best wagon out there!

114 words

Taurus GL 3.0

Unreliable, uncomfortable catfish looking car

253 words

Taurus GL Vulcan 3.0L V6 octane

"Old faithful" and fun for teenagers

378 words

Taurus LX

Good if it has low mileage. Very comfortable ride

Taurus GL 3.0 V6

This vehicle is a cheap, reliable car that has performed well

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Taurus SE 2.1

Totally Awesome!

51 words

Taurus GL Sedan


Taurus LX 3.0L Duratec

For an American car made in 1996, this car is a wonderful car, and is a pleasure to drive.

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Taurus GL 3.0L Vulcan

Nice car, odd styling, but good over-all

156 words, 1 comment

Taurus GL 3.0L V6

This car is built for many miles, but it needs help getting there

120 words

Taurus LX 3.0

Great other than what is mentioned

104 words

Taurus LX 3.6

This is a very reliable, comfortable family car

153 words

Taurus GL 3.0 V6 24v DOHC

Taurus... Sleek, Powerful, Reliable

150 words

Taurus GL 3.0 V6

A very reliable, strong car at a very affordable price

210 words

Taurus GL 3.0L V6

Despite what others say, I enjoy driving and maintaining my Taurus

166 words

Taurus GL V6

High costs, Maintenance for faulty Ford engine recall garbage

244 words, 2 comments

Taurus GL 3.0L

Good for the show, but not for the money

149 words

Taurus GL

A very reliable and good performance automobile

Taurus LX

Solid while under 100k

Taurus GL 3.0

Good American automobile

47 words, 2 comments

Taurus LX 3.0 liter DOHC 24v

What it lacks in afford-ability, it has made up for in handling and performance

126 words, 1 comment

Taurus GL 3.0 Liter V6

Misleadingly nice and luxurious

85 words

Taurus GL 3.0 V6

Great first car

44 words

Taurus GL

A nice car to drive, but aggravating otherwise

Taurus GL

A dream come true car for anyone who wants reliability and comfort

Taurus GL 3.0L

A great college car

368 words

Taurus GL 3.0

A very reliable, comfortable car

74 words

Taurus LX 3.0L 24v DOHC Duratec

An underrated value and decent car

444 words, 2 comments

Taurus GL 3.0L

A horrible car indeed

131 words, 1 comment

Taurus GL 3.0 V6

Nice looking car, but something always goes wrong

243 words, 5 comments

Taurus GL 3.0L

A total LEMON

273 words, 1 comment

Taurus GL 3.0 V6

An unreliable grocery getter

142 words

Taurus GL V6 3.1

A High-Cost Nightmare

87 words, 1 comment

Taurus GL 3.0 V6

The Tortoise will not win this race...

123 words

Taurus SHO 3.4L 32 valve V8

This car is a beautiful made machine

137 words

Taurus LX 3.0 Duratec DOHC

A very good overall family sedan

217 words, 1 comment

Taurus LX 3.0 Liter Duratec V6

A good car, but the reliability could be a bit better

94 words

Taurus GS (Sable) 160 HP.

Holds up to heavy abuse very well!

393 words

Taurus GL 3.0

If you are looking for reliability and courteous service, look elsewhere

292 words, 4 comments

Taurus GL 3.0

A car only my mechanic loves

107 words

Taurus GL 3.0 Vulcan 6 cylinder

A mediocre family car

208 words

Taurus GL 3.0 Vulcan

Love it!

99 words

Taurus GL 3.0

Average to below average vehicle - if you can keep it out of the shop

54 words, 2 comments

Taurus SHO 3.4L V8

63 words

Taurus GL 3.01 Vulcan

18 words, 1 comment