Tempo GL 2.3L

Cheap wheels, but not very durable

158 words

Tempo GL 2.3 Litre

This is one tough car!

79 words

Tempo GLS 2.3 High Performance

The car is cheap and semi-reliable

435 words

Tempo GL 1.5L Gas

I really like this car. It ROCKS!

29 words, 2 comments

Tempo L 2.3

Owned an 87 and 88, no major problems with either

139 words

Tempo L

Fairly reliable, and inexpensive!

234 words

Tempo GL 2.3

Reliable and cheap to own.

109 words, 5 comments

Tempo GL 2.3L. HSO

A great performer for an economical car

428 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL 2.3 EFI 4 cylinder.

Ultimate learning automobile, because you can do the work yourself.

116 words

Tempo L 2.3L

Cheap, worthless garbage, easily expected from older Fords

269 words, 3 comments

Tempo GL 2.3

Best car ever!

92 words, 5 comments

Tempo 2.3L I-4

An excellent vehicle

64 words

Tempo GLX 2.3liter I4

An affordable car

127 words, 1 comment


A mechanic's friend (they have made a lot of money on this bomb)

102 words, 2 comments

Tempo GL 2.3


41 words, 1 comment

Tempo 2.3 liter

A very reliable car that I am honored to drive

23 words


Good for mechanics to practice on

128 words, 4 comments

Tempo GL 2.3L inline 4 cylinder

A car/tank that can perform with comfort

149 words


42 words, 6 comments