Metro 1.0 3 cylinder

Love it, would not change a thing?

99 words, 1 comment

Metro 1.0L

This car has been reliable, has never failed, and is still going strong!

90 words, 2 comments

Metro 1.0L

Cute little car

44 words


Good everyday driver

36 words


A loved member of the family

77 words

Metro 1.0

Excellent value and fun to drive!

110 words, 1 comment

Metro xFi .9L gas

Best daily driver ever for commutes and errands

128 words

Metro LSi 1.0

A surprisingly tough little powerplant

97 words, 2 comments

Metro LSi 1.0

Nothing will kill this car

44 words, 2 comments

Metro 1.3 lt

A perfect bargain

79 words

Metro LSi 1.0 Single Over Head Cam 3 cylinder

A great car with excellent gas mileage

77 words

Metro LSi 1.5

Economical and down right adorable

99 words

Metro LSi 1.0

Good, cheap no-frills transportation

204 words

Metro LSi 1.0

3 cylinder beauty

209 words

Metro LSi 1.0

A sported-out Geo can handle everyday life

92 words

Metro 1.0

Tiny little car, easy and fun to drive

90 words

Metro LSi 1.5?

You get what you pay for

94 words

Metro XFI 1.0

Very reliable

62 words, 1 comment