Metro Hatchback 1.0 three cylinder

The best kept secret in America is the ultra dependable motor that gets 50 miles per gallon

177 words, 2 comments

Metro 4 DR Hatchback 1.0

Most economical vehicle to repair, maintain and operate ever

192 words

Metro Base 1.0

Greatest. Economy. Car. Ever

643 words

Metro 1.0L

Fun little econobox that's cheap to keep

652 words, 1 comment


I would buy another piece of crap Metro, that's my opinion. I hate the car is only for gas mileage

154 words

Metro 1.0 3 cylinder

Love it to death

110 words

Metro metro 1 liter 3 cylinder

Greatest Transportation value on 4 wheels

22 words

Metro 2 door hatchback 1.0 3 cylinder

CHEAP, fun to drive, built tough, cost effective

386 words

Metro 2 door sedan 1.0 3 Cylinder

Mileage maker!

226 words

Metro 1.3

Okay, but some problems

1685 words, 4 comments

Metro XFI 3 cylinder

Great at what is was meant to do

163 words, 1 comment

Metro 4-door 1.0 Liter

Can't beat it!

251 words, 2 comments

Metro XFI 1.0L

374K miles and 50+mpg - You Want More?

328 words, 5 comments


It is one of the greatest, funnest, and most reliable for the money cars that is easily found!

179 words, 2 comments


Suzuki should design all Chevrolet motors

107 words

Metro Hatchback[2 door] 1.0

If a car is measured by how well it does what it was suppose to do then this is a great car

50 words

Metro 1 liter

A great low cost car.

96 words

Metro 1 liter

The best mileage car built in the last 15 years, including hybrids

225 words, 19 comments

Metro 1 Liter

Great little economy car!!

111 words

Metro Base 1.0 3 cylinder

Great little sewing machine!

52 words

Metro 1.0 Liter

Cheap car, cheap feel

166 words


Hamster powered tin can on wheels

166 words, 3 comments


I love this car I will drive it until it dies

93 words, 2 comments

Metro LSi 1.0

This is the best car I've ever owned

61 words, 2 comments

Metro XFi 1.0L 3-cylinder

Greatest combination of economy and versatility

95 words

Metro Xfi gasoline

A dynasty of a car for a little bitty price!!!

154 words


A little car with a big attitude!

319 words, 1 comment

Metro 2dr hatchback 1.0

Reliable little commuter

78 words

Metro 1.0

It's an OK car for a young first driver

104 words

Metro Coupe 1.3 gas

Effecient town car

75 words

Metro 3 cylinder

A very good cheap and reliable car.

101 words

Metro 3 cylinder

The most economical car you can drive in the U.S.A

59 words, 1 comment

Metro 1.0L

Suzuki out did americans on economy again

102 words

Metro 1.0L 3 cylinder

An SUV (small underpowered vehicle)

60 words

Metro XFI 1.4L V3 Suzuki

Ultimate economic value

275 words

Metro XFi 1.0 3 Cylinder Gas

They need to make these AGAIN!!! :)

489 words, 2 comments

Metro 1.3

Outstanding bargain for how it keeps going

66 words

Metro 3 cylinder 1.0 litre

Cheaply made, but very economical and reliable transportation

266 words, 38 comments

Metro 1.0

A commuters dream car!

69 words, 6 comments


Great gas mileage in exchange for no acceleration.

194 words, 3 comments

Metro 2 door 1.0L 3 cylinder

Commuter special!

124 words, 1 comment

Metro XFI 3 cylinder.

Dependable with great gas mileage

175 words, 1 comment


The Metro is the one car I would like to buy again

120 words

Metro 3 cylinder

Very tough little car

52 words

Metro XFi 1.0L Suzuki G10 3-cylinder

Reliable, a true endurance champ

332 words, 13 comments

Metro XFi 1.0

An overall great, dependable car

118 words

Metro XFi 1.0L

The best car I have ever owned

101 words, 3 comments

Metro 1.0 three cylinder

Inexpensive, great mileage, very reliable

148 words, 8 comments

Metro Base 1.0

A great car for the price

118 words


I would get the one with the most room, the seats are very comfortable

30 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi 1.0

I would buy another one in a second

66 words

Metro 4 door LSI 1.0

54 words


A reliable and economical car

26 words, 1 comment

Metro XFI 1.0

Gas saver BIG TIME

141 words