Metro LSi 1.3L

Can get me from point A to B and C

41 words

Metro LSI 1.3

Great car!

118 words

Metro 1.0 litre 3 cylinder

Awesome mpg, cute car; wish I could find more to fix and then resell it to make a huge profit

249 words

Metro 1.0

I love my Geo!

234 words

Metro 2 door 3 cylinder

I loved it, great gas mileage and very reliable

45 words

Metro LSI 4 Door 4 cylinder

People think my car is a piece of crap, but I can out handle you in the dirt

156 words, 1 comment


139 words, 1 comment

Metro 3 cylinder, 1.0 liter

One of the best purchases I have ever made--a joy to own!

431 words, 1 comment


One of the very best cars I have ever owned!

126 words, 2 comments

Metro LX Hatchback 1.0

Great Eco Car, Plus Saves Gas!!

67 words

Metro LSI 1.0

It is a great fuel efficient car

127 words

Metro 1.3

Piece of crap

254 words, 1 comment


Simple, Fun, Efficient Transportation

285 words

Metro Sedan LSi 1.3

Geo's are good little cars

307 words, 2 comments

Metro LSI 1.3

Great long lasting car, but when it quits it is expensive

70 words, 1 comment

Metro LSI 1.3

A cheap and dependable car

63 words

Metro LXI 4 cylinder

Good, small car

383 words


Great little car, dependable

69 words

Metro 1.1

Economical and fun to drive in the city

139 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi 1.3

Mighty Metro

153 words

Metro LSI 1.3

This is a terrific economical fun little car

48 words

Metro 1.0

134 words, 3 comments

Metro Base 1.3

This car is reliable, and I would buy another if Chevrolet/Geo still offered this type of car

394 words, 6 comments

Metro Base 1.0

Economy and fun on a budget

193 words, 7 comments

Metro 1.0L, 3 cylinder

A moneysaver, but you get what you pay for

308 words, 1 comment

Metro 1.0 liter inline 3

It's a great little car!!

120 words, 6 comments

Metro 1.0

Excellent economy car

152 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi 1.3L

Good value for money

176 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi

A low performance bargain

212 words

Metro 1.3 liter

I hate this car and will get rid of it as soon as possible

215 words, 52 comments

Metro Geo

A good savings investment

125 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi 1.3 Litre 4 cylinder

They run forever, if you treat them nicely

206 words

Metro LSi 1.3L

Not at all dependable, although cheap

39 words, 3 comments

Metro Base 1.0 3 cylinder

Practical, but Not Boring

115 words

Metro 1.o

Very Reliable Car

82 words, 1 comment


Great on gas, superior on dependability!

77 words

Metro 3-door 1.0 3-cylinder

A good, cheap, economical car.

68 words

Metro 1.3L

A great buy

114 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi 1.2L

Great reliability for a great price

206 words, 10 comments

Metro LX 1.0

Geo is a great little car

103 words

Metro LSi 4 cylinder

Wonderful cheap little go-getter

356 words, 1 comment

Metro 3-door 1.0

A car for people who drive in the real world

91 words

Metro 4 door sedan 1.3 4 cylinder

A great to and from work car

117 words

Metro LSi 4 cylinder

An inexpensive and reliable little car!

162 words

Metro LSi 1.3

It's called METRO for a reason

302 words

Metro LX 1 liter

The Metro is a utility bargain!

194 words

Metro LSi 4 cylinder

Great car for the METRO area

152 words

Metro LSi 4 cylinder

It's a great starter car, perfect for anyone young and/or in a city

162 words, 1 comment

Metro 4 dr sedan 1.3L 4 cylinder Automatic

A mothers dream

61 words

Metro LXi 1.3

A great car for a little money

156 words

Metro LSi 1.3

A overpriced hippie mobile

110 words, 12 comments

Metro LSi 1.3

Economical and reliable

91 words

Metro LSi 1.3

106 words

Metro LSi 1.3

Good car

110 words

Metro LSi 1.3

Not built to last!

80 words, 7 comments

Metro LSi 1.3

Good basic transportation, but probably would not buy again

62 words

Metro LSI Sedan 1.3

Happy little car

125 words

Metro LSi 1.3

Get to know Geo, you might be surprised!

49 words, 2 comments

Metro LSI Coupe 1.3

Great little car

36 words

Metro LSi 1.3

Faster than you think

43 words

Metro LSi 1.3

Suzuki engine???

38 words

Metro LSi 1.3

Very trustworthy economy car

31 words

Metro LSi 1.0

92 words, 1 comment