1993 Geo Prizm lsi


I wish I had never bought it, I heard it was like a Toyota


Door handles broke off on inside and outside back.

Speedometer doesn't work.

Engine temp gauge goes randomly on and off.

The engine runs rough - seems like it surges while driving, engine makes clunking noises.

Reverse gear makes car shimmer.

Radio light doesn't work, dome light doesn't work.

Buttons for defrost and emergency flashers are pushed in.

Just lately smell gas somewhere (maybe a hole in the tank)?

Hood didn't latch well and blew off on freeway breaking the front window, need hood and hinges.

The back end bounces and swerves when I hit bumps.

General Comments:

I bought this car from my girlfriend (now my ex) for $1,000 after she slid on ice and hit a concrete wall and buckled the front left quarter panel and bumper. The hood was dented and didn't latch well. The day after paying her, the hood blew off on the freeway, cracking the window and now the car is running like it isn't firing on all four cylinders. I am a disabled Vet with muscular dystrophy and have lost usage of my hands so I cannot try to fix anything myself. I'm also on a fixed, disability income and cannot afford shop prices. Can anyone suggest something to help me? Sell the car as is? I just put another $200.00 in the front brakes and rotors, as they went out last week. I have only had the car for a month, its paint and interior is good, but it seems like this car is going to be a lemon and cost me more than I can afford. It has 175,000 miles on it. Thank you.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2006

29th Apr 2006, 14:56

A lemon with 175,000 miles on it?

29th Apr 2006, 16:00

Sorry, but you put yourself in one the stupidest situations I know.

You bought a small car (things can wear out easier because of build quality and such), that had been crashed, and had 175,000 miles on it. What were you thinking???

29th Apr 2006, 18:00

This is insane look at how many miles this car has on it and the age of it??? You can review something that is already tore up and worn out when you bought it and then want to blame the car??? Get real.

1993 Geo Prizm 1.6L


It is a very good car for the money


The car needed a new starter and a battery.

General Comments:

The car has been very reliable.

Currently I am having problems with the air conditioning. It is not blowing cool air. Has anyone else that owns this car had similar problems?? If so, what was the solution???

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2006

2nd Apr 2006, 19:30

Have your AC system checked and recharged.

11th Apr 2006, 16:20

Get some ice.

21st Apr 2006, 17:05

I had the same problem, fix it for 300$and changed it the gas with a new one. now is ice cold.

1993 Geo Prizm lsi 1.6


Hi is anyone can tell me where is the fan engine controller in this car?email me at flor142@yahoo.com

Thank you.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2005

1993 Geo Prizm LSi 1.8L 4


Everything was perfect, then..


Paint is wearing off on the hood, trunk, and roof.

Air conditioning went out.

New battery.

New starter.

New alternator.

All 4 tires leak on a weekly basis.

Brakes front and back replaced.

General Comments:

This car started out like a dream. Then it went downhill after about 4 years. It started off with the electrical problems with the battery, starter, and alternator. One after another. Then the paint went bad. My son takes care of the paint by waxing it at least 3 times a year with the same wax he uses on his car. And day after day the paint on the trunk, then to the roof, then to the hood started turning gray. Which my son told me that my primer is coming through. It started out fading then turned gray. It's like cancer on the car. Then the air conditioning went out last summer. Now my biggest problem is that I heard a grinding noise whenever I take a turn. I took it into a nearby mechanic in which one of the mechanics is my friends son. He put a stethoscope up to the transmission and heard a light rattling noise. Now they think I need a new transmission. Great!!! Any body know what that could be. I don't think my friend's son would be lying to me about my car. It's a shame, because overall this car was a wonderful car up until I hit around 60,000 miles. Ilove the look of the interior and exterior. It's a very solid car for a Geo. I drive the car like an old lady. Why would all this stuff go wrong within the first 70,000 miles?

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Review Date: 6th April, 2005

6th Apr 2005, 20:02

A grinding noise when turning probably isn't the transmission. It could be as simple as a bad wheel bearing or CV joint, although they usually make a clunking noise. Get a second opinion from a different mechanic. Don't go to a trans shop, they will DEFINITELY think it's the trans.