Storm GSi 1.6L DOHC Isuzu

Best car I've owned

158 words

Storm GSI 1.6 DOHC

A lot of fun to drive

178 words

Storm 2+2 1.4 I think

Bring it back

87 words

Storm GSi Standard

Fantastic Bargain

113 words

Storm GSi

Old rust bucket

106 words


I just want to see how many miles I can put on it before it won't go any longer

162 words

Storm GSi DOHC

Worth my money!

103 words

Storm 2+2 1.6L

A very dependable inexpensive kinda sporty automobile

103 words

Storm GSi 1.6L DOHC

The Perfect Storm

34 words, 2 comments

Storm 2+2 coupe 1.6 Automatic

Good things in small packages

185 words

Storm LSi 1.4L

Highly reliable and dependable

155 words, 1 comment

Storm 2+2 1.6L

A faster car for the buck

67 words

Storm 1.6 Liter SOHC

At this point, awful

64 words

Storm 1.6 SOHC 12 valve

Cheap, fast and reliable

81 words, 2 comments

Storm GSi 1.7

I personally like the car, but it could use more leg room

100 words

Storm 2+2 Coupe 1.6 12 Valve

A cheap way to smoke your friends :P!!!

167 words

Storm 2+2 (Base) 1.6 SOHC

Sporty, dependable, economical

551 words, 5 comments

Storm GSi 1.6 DOHC

Cute little sporty car

62 words

Storm Base 1.6L SOHC

Fun car, expensive parts

100 words, 3 comments

Storm GSi

Speedy little mouse of a car with above average reliability

152 words, 4 comments

Storm 1.6L

It is a great little vehicle

45 words, 2 comments

Storm GSi 1.6 DOHC

Super speed without all the money

165 words, 1 comment

Storm GSi 1.8?

Almost a sports car..

61 words

Storm 2+2

49 words