1990 Geo Storm GSi 1.6 DOHC from North America


Cute little sporty car


The front struts were broke when I purchased the car.

I've had work done to my exhaust.

Right now my back shock is broke.

Other than that, I've caused the damage done to it. Except for the two times someone has hit my car.

General Comments:

This semi-sporty car is fun to drive. I've enjoyed driving my car the two years I've had it.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2001

1990 Geo Storm Base 1.6L SOHC from North America


Fun car, expensive parts


I bought the car for $1500 in June of 2000.

In October/November, the ignition module and crank sensor went out.

In December, the ignition coil went out.

I have spent $1400 to repair the car. Also, the glove compartment lock spring is broken.

General Comments:

I like the performance, styling, and comfort of this car. However, replacing parts is not cheap since it was only made for 4 years. I think it would do Chevrolet some good to redesign this car and remake it with the Cavalier's 2.4L Z24 4-cylinder engine. A definite competitor to the sporty Honda Civic and Toyota Celica.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2001

15th Aug 2001, 21:25

That is so true, I have a 91 GSi and I smoke Civics, but that is so true.

2nd Nov 2001, 16:30

Yea, I'll have to agree on that one. I have a 93' Storm and I can keep up with my friends 00'Neon and I blow away some civics. That idea to put the cavalier 2.4L Z24 under the hood of a Storm would be awesome!

12th Jul 2005, 21:29

There is no crank sensor on this car. Are you sure it wasn't the cam pick-up coil they replaced (in the distributor)? That should have been really cheap to do. It cost $12 at autozone and I just had to take apart the distributor to do it.

1990 Geo Storm GSi from North America


Speedy little mouse of a car with above average reliability


Weld broke in the exhaust manifold (that was probably my fault, it shouldn't have done that).

Passenger side seat belt buckle broke off; no clue how that one happened.

Doors wouldn't close when it gets cold out... the latch in the door froze a bit.. it will close if you warm up the car a bit.

General Comments:

This car has definitely been worth buying. I've only had to take it into the shop a few times over the past few years I've had it.

I'm a mediocre short person so I had no problem with the space (I'm never sitting in the back but my friends tell me it's quite cramped *grin*); so if you're a tall person this car is probably not for you.

Top speed I've gotten it to is 102mph and I probably could've gotten it up faster if I had a longer stretch of road to drive it on.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2001

22nd Jan 2006, 09:46

I'm surprised that you only got your storm up to 104 mph. mine when I had it easily reved out at estimated 145+mph. I loved that car. Wish they still built it today. I'd buy it again!

22nd Jan 2006, 12:37

A Geo Storm that easily revved out to an estimated +145 mph?! Come on! You're only kidding yourself, but you're not fooling us. That's why "estimated" is different from "actual".

22nd Jan 2006, 13:09

Let me guess: if you were doing 70 mph at 4,000 rpm's, then you figure it should do 140 mph if you redline it out at 8,000 rpm's. If only it worked that way.

14th Feb 2006, 18:02

Honestly, I own a 90 Geo Storm and I have rode smoothly on the highway at 115 mph. the car is great and if you can get you hands on one, I would be a great investment. Although I would not recommend it for teenagers because that's how old I was when I got mine and drove way too fast for my own good (or any one else).

1990 Geo Storm 1.6L from North America


It is a great little vehicle


The alternator went out twice.

General Comments:

It has a way too small back seat, everyone hits their head the first time they get into the car.

It is a fun car to drive, and it's very cute.

It needs an airbag on the passenger side also.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2000

31st May 2001, 16:42

Not many cars had dual airbags in 1991 and all cars that size have pretty small back seats.

28th Aug 2001, 10:40

I found the two alternator replacement comment interesting, as I just had to have mine replaced for the second time also. The first replacement was covered under the original warranty though. I bought my Storm new in November, 1990, and it now has 136,000 miles on it. Other than the body starting to rust, I still love it and have had very few repair problems with it, other than the alternator.