1990 Geo Storm LSi 1.4L from North America


Highly reliable and dependable


Six years ago had a belt pulley fall off while en route to work. Replaced and found it fell off due to broken bolts. I got it second hand and it was involved in a roll over by previous owner. Bolt probably snapped then. No problem since then.

Drivers window fell down due to broken window guide. Couldn't roll window up or down this year (2003).

General Comments:

No major problems with this vehicle at all. Just routine maintenance required. Should have clips for vacuum hoses as occasionally they fall off and you have to find out which one. Otherwise, this is one of the best and reliable vehicles I have ever owned. It is small on the outside, but enormous room on the inside. I have no idea why the Storm was discontinued. When in California a couple of years ago I was getting forty (40) MPG. This is the small engine, I believe 1.4 liter.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2003

29th Oct 2009, 14:01

The Geo Storm was discontinued because Isuzu, the company which manufactured it for General Motors, was getting out of the car business to focus on trucks. Anyhow, the Storm is a very nice car, as well as a distant cousin of the 1990 Lotus Elan, and the Storms I have test-driven fit me very nicely, are fun to drive and are nice-looking to boot. I am thinking about getting one.

1990 Geo Storm 2+2 1.6L from North America


A faster car for the buck


The exhaust muffler got a hole in it. We just took it out and it still passed inspection.

The timing belt broke at 100,000.

The seats have drink stains on them.

The dashboard has a crack on it.

General Comments:

This car can beat any other car in its class in cluding a CRX.

It handles like a Honda.

I only dream to feel hope fas a GS-i is.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2003

1990 Geo Storm 1.6 Liter SOHC from North America


At this point, awful


When we bought it the head gasket was blown.

The skirt on one piston to be cracked twice.

The cooling system refuses to circulate and with a new water pump and radiator we are stumped as to why this is.

General Comments:

This car would be a nice car if we could get the cooling system to circulate and the engine to stop burning the antifreeze.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2003

1990 Geo Storm 1.6 SOHC 12 valve from North America


Cheap, fast and reliable


The front seats were badly ripped when I bought it.

The muffler and manifold were both cracked pretty bad, making it very loud.

The harmonic balancer broke shortly after I bought it.

The rear struts were shot, so it was real jumpy.

General Comments:

Really quick for the lack of c.i.d. under the hood.

Takes turns really tight with little sign of body roll.

I paid $400 for mine, and I smoke a lot of cars with $1000s of dollars under their hood.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2003

14th Jan 2004, 14:58

Did you replace the harmonic balancer yourself? I have just discovered what was making so much noise/squealing on my 1990 Prism, and looked inside and simply pulled the pulley off the crankshaft (after loosening alternator, etc.).

Now wondering what my next move is.

Thx if you can help.


12th Jul 2005, 22:02

There is no harmonic balancer on a 90 Storm. Are you thinking about the crank pulley?

1990 Geo Storm GSi 1.7 from North America


I personally like the car, but it could use more leg room


The door latch doesn't close when it get cold outside.

Weird chirping like sound from behind the gages.

Door locks freeze.

Tear in the vinyl on the dash, and I keep the car sparkling.

Rust spots in the wheel wells.

Gone through two exhaust overhauls.

Do I need to mention the back seats, its like a carnival ride, must be no taller that this to ride in back.

General Comments:

Good car for to and from short distances.

Pretty quick off the line, I have taken down V-8 caddys with no problem.

Great gas mileage.

Fun and easy car to trick out.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2003