Tracker Hardtop LSi 1.6L

2nd best vehicle I've ever owned

135 words, 2 comments

Tracker LSI 1.6

Cheeper to run and repair than a Jeep, can go the same places

265 words, 9 comments

Tracker 2 Door Hard Top 1.6L

The 1990 Hard Top Geo Tracker is unmistakably the best off road vehicles I have driven to date

101 words

Tracker 2 Door Lsi Conv. 1.6L 4 Cylinder

Unstoppable little rig

183 words, 3 comments

Tracker LSI 1.6

This car is seriously the best vehicle

74 words, 1 comment

Tracker 1.6L

Great economical vehicle for everyday travel

253 words, 1 comment

Tracker LSi 1.6

Will run forever!

60 words, 1 comment

Tracker 4 cylinder

A good reliable car

60 words

Tracker 4X4 1.6

A bargain for once in my life!

173 words

Tracker JX 1.6 Liter 8v

Fun, reliable, and cheap!

106 words

Tracker LSI Hardtop 1.6

Ultimate Personal SUV for the money

106 words

Tracker 4X4 1.6

Best car so far!

78 words, 2 comments

Tracker 4 cylinder

Cheap transportation

36 words

Tracker jsi 1.9 gasoline

A great car to drive. Lots of FUN!!!

67 words

Tracker 1.6

This vehicle is without a doubt the best that I have ever owned

80 words, 2 comments

Tracker LSI 4x4 convertible 1.6 4 cylinder


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