Tracker 1.6

Great Car! Long time owner with a few helpful tips

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I love my car and want to keep it on the road forever, if only I could find the owner's manual.

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Tracker LSi 1.6

Peppy fun practical car that everyone loves! Great for summer and pretty cheap to maintain

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Tracker LSi 1.6L

Cool, Reliable, Fun and Great Off-road!!

182 words

Tracker lsi 1.6

Great in winter, fun in summer

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Tracker 1.6L

Very dependable, cost effective vehicle

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Tracker 1.6L 8v

A very good deal for theh price, takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

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Perfect beach bum

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Tracker LSi 4 cylinder

Excellent Performance for the Cost and Size

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Tracker 1.6

Very reliable and cost efficient

67 words

Tracker LSI Conv. 4WD

Excellent Value for your buck

59 words

Tracker LSi 1.6 electronic fuel injection

A great car, or maybe it's a truck for the price

224 words, 4 comments

Tracker 4 cylinder

They should build the big, expensive cars as well as they do this little bug

360 words

Tracker 4 cylinder

Excellent and economical

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Tracker 4 cyl gas

Excellent cruising car

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Tracker LSi 1.5

131 words, 4 comments