1992 Geo Tracker 1.6 from North America


Great Car! Long time owner with a few helpful tips


My tracker has had the kinds of things go wrong that go wrong with any car as it ages.

Clutch replaced at 120000.

Radiator at 115000.

Clutch cable at 100000.

Front disk pads have been replaced twice not sure about mileage maybe 60000 miles each time.

Timing belt replaced as owners manual recommended at 100000. Looked fine to me.

General Comments:

I have had the car for over ten years. Recently the cars computer went out and my wife wanted me to trade it. Told her No. This is by far the best car I have ever owned and I hope I can keep it going forever!

Here are a few tips that might be helpful for those who want to keep their high mileage Tracker:

Computers are available at the junk yard and through Ebay. Mine was $60 at the junk yard. Bought 9/16/2006. Easy to install. Two screws.

If your headlights seem to go out often look for water in the unit below the halogen. I drilled a 1/8" hole in the unit for drainage and have not lost a bulb since.

My top is original equipment and still looks great. No leaks and the threads are not dry rotted. The car has been parked outside for 14 years. I spray the same kind of protectorant I use on the dash board on the top after I wash the car. (Every month or two) Spray after the top is dry and rub with a dry cloth. Brings back the original color. Stick with the name brand protectorants.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2006

23rd Jan 2007, 09:32

I have a 1992 Geo Tracker too and I was worried that it was starting to cost me to much. I replaced the clutch cable about 10,000 miles ago and then my whole clutch went. I paid over 500 dollars to fix it. I'm glad you aren't having further problems. I hope that my Tracker lasts as longs as yours.

14th Mar 2007, 14:54

I really want to find my problem so I can enjoy my geo tracker. for 7 months it runs for less than 10 miles and it stalls out. messed with the coil wire it started, but later stalled out, replaced, started,later stalled out. replaced the distibutor/points started later stalled out, fuel pump started stalled out. any help would be appreciated.I'm scared to get to far from my house.

15th Jul 2010, 02:24

I have got a 1993 Geo Tracker with 150K on it. It's in nice shape, but I have put over $3,000 into it. Every electrical part you can think of. On top of that, 2 new distributors. It runs a few miles and quits every time you turn off the key. It just quits, no warning, even after I've put new parts in it. It's getting gas etc. Computers can't even figure it out. Just putting it out there for all you saps like me that still can't get it running. Open for help?

1992 Geo Tracker from North America


I love my car and want to keep it on the road forever, if only I could find the owner's manual.


Body and exhaust system rust. Soft tops have tended to wear quickly.

General Comments:

I never thought I'd own a car for 14 years. For the most part it has been trouble free and fun to drive. Have loaded it with construction materials and friends over the years. Repairs have been minimal and not too expensive. Floor carpeting is nappy and retains crud. If only I could find the owner's manual

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Review Date: 20th June, 2006

11th Nov 2006, 09:12

I found out that a company in the states will sell you a new owners manual for around $15 (they make the books). Any dealer should know the name of the company and just phone or email them and order and it should come within 2-3 weeks.

22nd Sep 2009, 16:35

I am looking for a catalog that has Geo Tracker OEM or after-market parts listed.

I own a 1992 Geo Tracker and would like to replace some missing/broken interior parts, etc.