1992 Geo Tracker 4 cyl gas from North America


Excellent cruising car


The inside door handles broke on both sides.

Replaced the clutch 3 times due to hard driving.

The soft top isn't that well made.

General Comments:

Overall it's a great car, fun to drive and good on gas.

Excellent for winter conditions, but the only problem is there isn't enough after-market toys to choose from for the car.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2000

22nd May 2002, 05:57

Seems that some of the Geo models got less than perfect plastic interior pieces, I have seen a few comments going both ways. I had lots of problems with them breaking in my 94 Metro in less than a year, but in almost 10yrs my 93 tracker has yet to have a piece break.

I have gone through two tops, working on three. I expected better.

19th Nov 2002, 20:43

I have a 1994 Geo Tracker and I have gotten my tire caps stolen and my spare tire cover on the back stolen. It is true that it is easy to just unzip the back window and steal stuff which has happened to me. I have learned from experience of getting stuff stolen to not leave valuables in the car, and I lock my faceplate to my CD player in the glove compartment. I am just buying my second soft top replacement. I've had to replace the clip to my soft top and that's it, nothing else has broken. But take my advise on this, use synthetic oil! It works wonders, I've not had one problem with my engine (only my brakes).Other than that, I LOVE MY TRACKER!

2nd Jul 2004, 19:27

The back window zipper is made very poorly. I have yet to replace the rest of my top on my '92, but the back window because of the zipper needs to be replaced. Aside from that, I love my Tracker. By the way there is a website called Morris 4x4 parts that sell a good variety of Tracker parts, including a small lock box that fits between the back seat and back door.

21st Jul 2006, 19:50

Google Suzuki off road and you will find a ton of after-market accessories, from bumpers to superchargers.

1992 Geo Tracker LSi 1.5 from North America


The headlight was smashed and that cost $250 to get a new one. But then this problem was easily solved by just adding a headlight cover..The transmission has gone and the clutch has gone out twice..But I am at 175k miles and for just that to go wrong is incredibly great..This Tracker is incredibly reliable.

General Comments:

I have never seen a car so incredibly reliable and offer 4WD at such a cheap price.. This car is great, and I am definitely going to buy a new one when this one dies out on me.. 4WD is unbelievable in the snow and I am incredibly surprised with the 4WD potential.. Patches of ice sometimes send it skidding a little bit and this car tends to hydroplane a lot but otherwise it is great..

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Review Date: 9th August, 1998

2nd Aug 2001, 07:01

How fast are you going for it to hydroplane?

11th Aug 2001, 04:23

How do you re-set the pre-programmed at 50,000 miles "check engine light"?

7th Sep 2001, 19:28

Oil change places can do it or dealerships, but I did it at Jiffy Lube. They have a little computer that does it.

16th Jan 2007, 18:18

There Is a well hidden button under the dashboard that resets you ECU and usualy clears the dash lights for a month+