1992 Geo Tracker 4 cylinder from North America


They should build the big, expensive cars as well as they do this little bug


Water pump replaced.

Timing belt replaced when the water pump went out, due to a mechanic's suggestion that the belt be replaced every 60,000 miles. I had no knowledge if it had ever been replaced.

Changed/replaced the clutch at 135,000 miles. Mechanic told me the transmission fluid should be dumped every 10,000 miles due to the fact there is no transmission filter. They found some metal "filings" in the transmission when the fluid was changed.

The vehicle is light and tends to blow around, on the highway, in relatively moderate winds.

Temperature of the vehicle sees to climb, somewhat, when climbing hills.

General Comments:

Excellent fuel mileage.

Car starts every time, all the time, and quickly at that! Even in very cold weather!

Even when the engine is cold it runs like a warm engine, accelerating very good. Within 3 minutes it's up to running temperature if driving.

Braking is good.

Good visibility.

Good acceleration. Very "peppy-little-engine"!

Good steering, and steering radius.

Handles road "bumps", good.

Good maintenance.

You can park it virtually anywhere. Especially supermarket parking lots where shopping carts stick out 4-5 feet in front of you.

If you put the front seat, on the passenger side down, you can lay lumber across the seat up to 8 feet in length, where it reaches the rear of the car. Here, in California, I've put 12 foot lengths of lumber in it! (You're allowed 4 feet past the rear of the car, in California, if you "red flag" the projecting object. I was, also, able to put 4x6 foot pieces of sheetrock, and plywood, in the back, with the top down! The back width of the cars interior is approximately 4ft.1in. I've carried bricks, cement, and construction tools in the car. Some of this weight doesn't seem to effect the performance of the car! It's a handy car for "running around town", but isn't recommended for long distance Interstate trips!

Front wheels seem to stay aligned without the need for much attention.

Tires wear very evenly.

Reasonably quiet inside the convertible-type, but there is some noise.

Good electrical system.

Good finish on the car after years of exposure to the elements.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2001

1992 Geo Tracker 4 cylinder from North America


Excellent and economical


At 128.000 the clutch was replaced. Cost $700.00

Front Brakes were replaced at 132,000. Cost $500.00.

Currently needs a water pump at 160,000 miles.

At 160,000 it needs the muffler replaced.

At 160,000 it needs the rear brake shoes replaced.

At 128,000 the shifter had a tiny leak. Did not bother repairing it.

The transmission has been making some "noise" since it was purchased, however, it doesn't seem to effect the transmission's performance.

General Comments:

My 1992 Geo Tracker's engine runs excellent.

When purchased, it got 32.4 miles per gallon.

After having emissions modifications, in California, the car got 28.2 miles per gallon. Still good for the engine miles.

The car climbed up steep San Francisco hills, in 2nd gear, easily.

I drove the car from Florida to California in 4 days, at approximately 60-65 miles per hour through burning deserts, and steep mountains, and the car ran flawlessly.

The short body length makes it easy to find parking spaces, and turn in traffic.

Acceleration is good in lower gears.

The convertible roof is awkward, and tricky to remove, at first, but after a couple of tries it gets easier.

The convertible roof has held up well.

The heater doesn't work very good.

The body looks like it isn't more than a year old. The paint and finishe have held up excellent.

The car handles good on "bumpy" roads. The car seems to "roll" through the bumps rather than "shaking".

The steering is tight and responsive.

I prefer the handling of the Tracker to a Jeep, which I've owned in the past.

It's unusual looks make it easy to find in a large parking lot.

It's the best used car I've ever owned, and would buy another Tracker without thinking twice, although the new ones are a little bit overpriced. People are quick to notice the sportiness of my Tracker and often make comments. The comfort is fairly good, and the visibility is very good, as well!

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2001

12th May 2008, 08:14

I bought a 1992 Geo Tracker for $1500 as a woods car. I sold my other vehicle about two months later and have never looked back. I LOVE this vehicle. It is 4 wheel drive/2 wheel drive. I live in Pennsylvania with bad winters. I have never been stuck in my Tracker. I put relatively few repairs in the car. At 235,000 miles I am doing an overhaul but only because I feel it is needed. This is by far the best car I have ever owned. It is reliable, easy to care for, goes nearly anywhere-- including off road and responds well. The miltary should build tanks so well.