Tracker 1.6


70 words


I love my Geo, and will buy another Geo someday when I have money, and thank you for the Geo

181 words

Tracker 4X4 1.6 liter

The 94 Geo Tracker is a good value

145 words

Tracker LSI 1.6L 8v

Love it, buy one

207 words

Tracker Base 1.6 liter SOHC

The most reliable car ever made!

121 words

Tracker Hardtop 1.6 8v

Excellent, reliable, and economical alternative to a Jeep

275 words

Tracker 2D Convertible 1.6L 4 cylinder

Reliable little SUV for your money

334 words, 2 comments

Tracker 1.6

Fun to drive.. hell to wreck in.

266 words


It is a great car and I enjoy driving it

92 words, 1 comment


Decent drive that could have been great

303 words

Tracker 16v

This car is nice to have as your first car. To get from point A to point B

46 words

Tracker 4 cylinder.

Very reliable!!!

77 words


A cute, affordable, dependable car

160 words

Tracker Convertable 1.6L 4 Cilinder

This would be the car for young people and old people alike

95 words

Tracker 1.6

Excellent Tracker!

40 words, 2 comments

Tracker 1.6

The most reliable and dependable car I have ever owned and the cheapest!

30 words

Tracker 4x2 4 cylinder

Its very cute and good on gas!!

90 words, 10 comments

Tracker Convertible 4 cylinder, 16-valve

Excellent SUV, dependable, economical, turns on a dime

111 words, 3 comments


Cute little 4x4 with a bite!

242 words, 1 comment

Tracker LSi 1.6

The tracker WAS reliable even with exterior problems

181 words, 7 comments

Tracker Convertible 8-valve 1.6

It's a fun, reliable vehicle that's cheap to operate

252 words, 1 comment

Tracker 1.6

Cheap and reliable

103 words, 1 comment

Tracker LSi 1.6 Liter

Solid, reliable, cheap to maintain

52 words, 1 comment

Tracker rear wheel drive smallest made

A dangerous expensive choice for the inexperienced driver

484 words, 7 comments

Tracker 1.6 4 cylinder

Reliable, Fun, Economical Transportation

109 words

Tracker 4 cylinder

A very good buy, as long as you are not going to street race!

99 words


Great vehicle if it's not a rag top

80 words, 5 comments

Tracker 1.8 Litre 8-valve

A cheap and solid little 4x4...

277 words, 1 comment

Tracker LSi 4 cylinder

A great 4X4 for the money!

104 words, 1 comment

Tracker DX 1.6

An affordable and reliable car

97 words, 3 comments

Tracker LSi 1.6

The best entry-level S.U.V on the market

92 words

Tracker 1.6

One problem

47 words, 4 comments

Tracker LSi 1.6

Worth the hassle that it may bring

59 words, 2 comments

Tracker 1.6

Very reliable and cute!

174 words

Tracker LSi 1.6

Sporty little truck

163 words

Tracker LSi 1.4

We will buy our third Tracker this year

99 words

Tracker Sport 1.6

Eye catcher

73 words, 1 comment

Tracker 2-door convertible 4x4

This is a great vehicle to own and you'll get your money's worth out of it

137 words, 2 comments

Tracker 1.6

Watch out for the inside's plastic pieces, they break easily

126 words, 6 comments

Tracker 1.6

Not very secure

52 words, 2 comments

Tracker 1.6

Attention getter

61 words

Tracker 4 cylinder

A fun, affordable car

53 words, 1 comment

Tracker 1.6

One word, reliable!

21 words

Tracker 1.6

67 words

Tracker Sport 1.6 litre

41 words

Tracker 1.6

120 words, 1 comment

Tracker Sport 2 dr 1.6

37 words, 5 comments