Canyon LE 5 cylinder

Worst purchase I have ever made

147 words

Canyon SLE

Not bad to get you from point A to B, and handles pretty well in snow conditions

183 words

Canyon SLE 3.5 5 cylinder

Great little truck!

46 words

Canyon SLE 4 cylinder

GM spent the time to engineer/ergonomically make sure this was a good midsize truck

176 words

Canyon Off Road

Unload it as soon as possible

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Great Truck--would buy another in a heartbeat

76 words, 1 comment

Canyon z85 2.8 DOHC I-4

Will never buy another one!

321 words, 3 comments

Canyon SLE Z71 3.5 Liter 220 Horsepower

Great truck to own

140 words

Canyon SLE 3.5L

This vehicle does all that I ask cheaper than I expected

80 words

Canyon sle extended cab 4x4 z71 l5

Everything else is great with the canyon

84 words, 4 comments

Canyon SLE Extended Cab 3.5 Inline 5

Excellent daily driver and off roader!

339 words

Canyon SLE 2.8 inline 4

Good tough little truck that impresses me everyday

105 words

Canyon SLE Vortec 2.8 4-Cylinder

GM got it right this time

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