Accord EX

184 words

Accord VP 2.2 L 4 cylinder

Poor Quality

218 words, 2 comments

Accord EX V6

Excellent, reliable and powerful car

112 words

Accord LX 2.2

Keeps on going!!

193 words

Accord DX

The best car I ever owned

229 words

Accord LX 4 cylinder

Seems OK so far..

286 words

Accord LX 4 cylinder

It's a gem that will last forever!

179 words, 3 comments

Accord SE 4 cylinder

Great car... until engine block cracked

104 words

Accord SE

Great car until cracked engine block at 101k

195 words, 2 comments

Accord LX 2.2 liter

RIP Accord: You saved my life and took your own

272 words

Accord LX

Still love my car!

75 words, 1 comment

Accord EX-R 2.2L SOHC VTEC

Solid and reliable

203 words

Accord SE 4 cylinder

A little beat up, but a bargain by far

147 words, 2 comments

Accord EX 2.2L

VERY Reliable, Great Looking... HONDA

87 words

Accord EX-R VTEC 2.2

I'm looking for another one of these :)

174 words, 1 comment

Accord LX 2.2 Litre

First in line of one hundred to buy it!!!

102 words

Accord SE 4 cylinder.

Best car ever owned! Runs great!

44 words

Accord EX 2.2L VTEC

A strong case that a car is a good investment

142 words

Accord SE 2.2 liter 4 cylinder

Keeps running, & running, & running...

326 words

Accord LX

This car is awesome

39 words

Accord LX

Very reliable

41 words

Accord LX

She does what we want her to do

58 words

Accord LX

Fun, reliable, long-lasting if maintenance schedule followed

111 words, 2 comments

Accord LX

Will never buy a Honda again!

626 words, 22 comments

Accord EX 2.2

Excellent Car

69 words, 1 comment

Accord LX 2.1 I-4

The Honda Accord is a work horse!

64 words

Accord SE

Eye catching masterpiece

92 words

Accord SE 4 cylinder

An excellent choice

147 words

Accord LX

It's a Honda, it'll last forever!

39 words

Accord LX V6

A very reliable car

46 words

Accord SE

Great Car will buy another

58 words

Accord EX wagon 2.2L VTEC

EX wagons rock

234 words, 2 comments

Accord EX-L 2.3

Buy it for reliability, speed, and beauty

162 words, 4 comments

Accord EX 2.3

Reliable, economical, and fun to drive

47 words

Accord SE V6

Worthless junk!

70 words, 12 comments

Accord SE 2.2

Excellent car for day to day driving

69 words, 3 comments

Accord LX V6

Very disappointed

62 words, 7 comments

Accord LX 1.3 4 cylinder

58 words

Accord V6

35 words