2006 Honda Element reviews from North America

Element LX

Best car that I've ever owned

Element LX-AWD 2.4

Despite all its quirks, I love it

1459 words, 1 comment

Element EX AWD

It has a Honda price tag, but doesn't have Honda quality

134 words, 3 comments

Element EXP-AWD 2.4

Very Good Mini SUV

73 words

Element EX-P 2.4

Think in the box!

743 words, 3 comments

Element EX-P 2.4L 4-cylinder (K24A4)

Gear swallowing, cool looking, fun to drive box!

486 words, 2 comments

Element EX-P 2WD 2.4

307 words, 4 comments

Element EX-P 2.4

CR-V is a better choice

133 words, 7 comments


Element EX-P 2.4

Jeep quality from Honda

119 words, 5 comments