Odyssey EX

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Odyssey XL 6 cylinder

Awesome car; Honda needs to cancel the contract with the company that produces the navigation disk

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Odyssey LX 255 HP

The Honda Odyssey is a great van with a serious design flaw: a poorly protected condenser

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Odyssey LX 3.5

The car is good, but costly to repair

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Odyssey EXL

Major flaw with A/C design

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Odyssey EXL w/DVD & NAV 3.5L V6

Great long distance driver with lots of space and great handling

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Odyssey EX 6.5L SOHC

Great to Drive, but look at all the details closely before buying

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Odyssey EX-L RES 3.5

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Odyssey EX-L 3.5 V6

Like the car, hate the design flaw

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Odyssey EX-L

Great van

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Make one that REALLY seats 8 people

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