Prelude Si 2.0

Will last forever

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Prelude Si 2.0

Great first car, it handles very well and it's easy to fix any problems so far

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Prelude DX 1.8-litre 12-valve twin carb

Like a tank; I don't think it will ever die!!!

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Prelude 2.0 Si

My favorite Fonda the Honda

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Prelude 2.0 SI L4 F/I

Lots of potential

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Prelude Si 2.0

Really a reliable car

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Prelude Si 2.0

Wishing I still had the greatest car I ever owned!

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Prelude 1.8

A fun summer car

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Prelude Si 2.0

It's a quality car

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Prelude Si 2.0 Fuel Injected

Nice sporty car for the sports car enthusiast who no longer can live without a back seat

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Prelude Si 2.0

The best car I have ever owned (I'm shooting for 350,000 miles).

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Prelude Si 2.0

Great car for the price and miles

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Prelude Si 2.0

Fun that doesn't cost a ton.

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Prelude 1.8 Gas

A real gem of a car... sometimes

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