Prelude Si 2.3

The fastest car I've ever owned!

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Prelude S 2.2

Good on gas, but not worth it

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Prelude Si 2.2

Fun, reliable, and spirited little car!

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Prelude Si

Runs flawlessly when started, however trouble starting after in the sun

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Prelude S 2.3 S

Sporty, fuel efficient, well built, good performer

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Prelude Si

Best car I've ever owned, but a little unreliable

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Prelude Si 2.3 liter DOHC

Best stock Honda model

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Prelude Si 2.3 DOHC

One of Honda's most extreme power machines and the horse power for your money

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Prelude 4 cylinder

A very fast sports car

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Prelude Si 2.3 L DOHC

It costs a little more but is worth every penny

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Prelude Si non VTEC 2.2i

Honda is the best and Fords can eat my dust!!!

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