Prelude VTEC 2.2

Very reliable, and very, very fun. ;)

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Prelude VTEC 2.2

One of Honda's best in my opinion

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Prelude S 2.2

Awesome dash and seats from the factory!!!

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Prelude Si 2.3

Great car to race with and also very reliable

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Prelude Si 4 cylinder

Fast, fun, and sporty

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Prelude VTEC 2.2 4 cylinder (H22A)

Not all that common, but worth every penny

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Prelude VTEC 2.2L VTEC

A pocket rocket that's well worth it

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Prelude VTEC 2.2 VTEC

A real head-turner...if you're a mechanic or a car thief

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Prelude Si 2.3 h23a

A serious performer for a small fraction of the cost

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