Prelude Base 2.2L Vtech

It's okay

212 words

Prelude Base 2.2 H22A

It's a head turner for sure, just ask my girlfriend how many females she has to yell at

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Prelude base 2.2 Vtec

My 'lude will give you a run for your money

196 words

Prelude v tec V tec

I love this car despite the minor problems that I am probably to blaim for

78 words

Prelude SH 2.2 Vtech

Would never buy a v-tech honda again

74 words, 12 comments

Prelude Type SH

"Yea Baby"

108 words

Prelude Base VTEC 2.2 Litre I4

Awesome Car

88 words, 4 comments

Prelude Base 2.2L

A sports car with Honda reliability

71 words, 2 comments

Prelude Type SH H22A4

One fast car

85 words

Prelude SH

A great mix of sports and luxury, and a good value!

234 words

Prelude Type S 4 Cylinder DOHC Vtec

One of the best in the business

173 words