1998 Honda Prelude VTI 4WS Motegi 2.2 from UK and Ireland


A great looking car with an engine to die for, with reliability to match. It's won me over!!


Rear shock absorbers have just been replaced, and upper front ball joints needed for the MOT, although I mainly blame these problems on the bad road conditions and my style of driving!

Just had all the brakes replaced, but these are just serviceable parts, and needed doing after I done a track day.

General Comments:

So far.. touch wood the car has been really reliable and isn't giving off any signs of deteriorating. This car has lots of positives, and am finding it very hard to think of things to fault it on.

It handles really well at both high and low speeds (low due to the 4ws).

The power is good, although it feels like it could handle more. Below the VTEC zone it's fairly dull, but when you hit 5,500rpm it starts to shift all the way to just over 8. It does need to be a little ragged to get anything out of it, but that's typical of a VTEC engine. I have an induction air filter on it, and the noise you get when in VTEC is beautiful, and this for me is what gives this car its character!

The interior is good looking, although I was lucky to find one with cream leather upholstery and carbon effect surrounds. Unlike others, I don't find the seats particularly uncomfortable, but I'm sure the person sitting behind me does!!

Exterior... hmmm. I loved the look of this car the moment I saw it in the classifieds, and since buying have had it lowered and replaced the alloys. Now I just think it's the best thing since sliced bread, proper eye candy!

This car (and most 5th gen Preludes) are a bargain, I still can't get over how much of a car I got for my money.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2010

1998 Honda Prelude Base 2.2L Vtech from North America


It's okay


EGR valve needed to be cleaned.

Valves needed to be adjusted.

Release bearing needed to be replaced.

Timing belt and water pump.

Rear wheel bearings.

CV boots.

General Comments:

Good looking car. But it's still too "street" for me; would prefer something with a bit more sophistication. Honestly, I used to own a 95 Integra and I like it A LOT better than this prelude. This car feels super heavy. Doors feel way too heavy.

Hate how I gotta keep topping up with oil cause it keeps burning like crazy, even when I never let it hit vtec, I'm always shifting at 2500-3000 rpm... I also don't like how it revs at around 3000rpm in 5th gear only going 100km/hr; what's up with that? BAD highway fuel mileage, that's whats up. Honda should have given this a 6th gear.

I've owned this car for about a month and I've put a lot of money into it already, I just hope after everything I did there won't be anymore work.

Also don't like how I gotta use premium fuel on this car, this car isn't even that "premium" if you know what I mean. My mom's got a G35 coupe and she doesn't even use premium fuel LOL.

Usual rust on the rear wheel wells.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2010

1998 Honda Prelude Base 2.2 H22A from North America


It's a head turner for sure, just ask my girlfriend how many females she has to yell at


Main oil seal exploded.

The door panels and glove box have started rattling. But nothing the CD player can't drown out.

One of the right headlights support thingy broke and it sort of jiggles.

The original owner messed up the power window switches, because the passenger can roll his/her window down and not up. And now the switch is sticking, so you have to mess with it before it works sometimes.

Sometimes it wouldn't go into gear, and the only way it would is if you turn her off and put her in gear. Then when you start her, she jumped forward. But it was only the linkage.

General Comments:

This car looks nice as hell, well, after you put aftermarket body parts on it. (I think the front bumper isn't low enough.)

It's pretty fast for weighing 3,000 lbs.

The performance you get from this beast is amazing! The H22A is one tough cookie. It sounds amazing even without an aftermarket exhaust. I suggest putting one on and a cold air intake. Have someone drive next to you on a freeway and drop a gear and floor it, they'll hear your CAI sucking in so much air it sounds like a turbo. (if you have a good one.)

The handling on these cars off the lot is AMAZING. Add a couple of sway bars, struts, and coil-overs and you're turning 30 mph corners at 50. (I don't advise you to drive like me) But it's made for performance, or it wouldn't come with a VTEC motor.

The only people I don't recommend getting this are people who live in tiny hick towns where jealous rednecks will kick the uni-body, so you spend massive amounts of money popping it out.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2008

24th Sep 2009, 12:42

I own a 98 Type S and I live in a hick town. Do you think I'd let anyone kick my car?