1998 Honda Prelude SH 2.2 Vtech from North America


Would never buy a v-tech honda again


The day I drove the car home the previous owner had unhooked the oil sensor light. So when I held it in V-tech I did a lot of damage. 2 years later I blew the car up and now I am having MAJOR problems finding a motor.

The seats are uncomfortable for long drives.

General Comments:

The car handled great.

But for long trips we take my other 1991 honda prelude as it is more comfortable.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2007

8th Feb 2007, 07:37

So is the Vtech problem Honda's or the previous owners in your opinion? I love the Vtech in mine and I have put over 100,000 miles without any trouble on mine... my oil light does work thank you very much...

8th Feb 2007, 08:29

I had 3 VTec Honda's. 1 Prelude and 2 CRX's. I find them to be amazing cars. Never had the slightest problem even after doing very high mileage.

1998 Honda Prelude Type SH from North America


"Yea Baby"


I have had no problems with this car.

General Comments:

The car is aesthetically perfect and runs like a dream.

Due to the ATTS system, some have said that the Prelude SH is the best handling front wheel drive car under 30000 dollars.

The dashboard of the car is well-thought out and the front two seats are very comfortable.

One drawback that is well-documented is the lack of a backseat. Two adults with long legs can make the back seats even more cramped.

Performance is amazing with the 2.2L 195 HP engine redlining at 7400 RPM.

I would highly recommend this car to anyone who enjoys a high performance machine.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2006

1998 Honda Prelude SiR Type S 2.2 VTEC from Australia and New Zealand


Best car I've owned


Nothing, yet.

General Comments:

I've had this car for a while, and I love it, although it's full potential can't be proven on NZ roads, you can still tell it's a fast car, great on the petrol, considering our increasing rises in petrol. Awesome handling.


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Review Date: 19th April, 2006

1998 Honda Prelude vtir-atts 2.2 from Australia and New Zealand




CD stacker not working.

General Comments:

This is the third Prelude I've owned, previously had a '89si & then a '91si.

Foolishly sold the '91 car & bought a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer VRX, nice car, but the seats were horrid.

Have just traded the lancer in on a 1998 VTI-R with ATTS so I've come home to the Honda fold never to leave it again.

This is a most awesome car and I can only echo what all the other reviews state, it gos, it stops, it handles it's comfortable, it's stylish, it's a HONDA.

Of course only just getting this car I've not had any problems (except for the CD stacker, which appears to be a common problem) but then I never did have any major trouble with the other two, so long as you service & replace things when they are due (timing belt etc etc).

As with all Honda's they like to be driven hard (not thrashed).

Sure you American Muscle guys have more HP, but we do it in STYLE.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2006

1998 Honda Prelude Base VTEC 2.2 Litre I4 from North America


Awesome Car


Transmission failed at 82000 miles.

General Comments:

With a cold air intake, 4-2-1 heat-wrapped header, test pipe, cat-back exhaust, 8.5 lbs. flywheel, this car is fast. I have outrun many of 300Z's, modified turbo 240sx's, RSX's, V8 Mustangs and Camaros. After modifications, this car is definitely a sleeper. It handles great, but does tend to have some under-steer. I'm not a fan of front wheel drive cars, but this car makes me smile every time VTEC kicks in at 5300 rpms. Performance can't be beat for the money. Great Car.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2006

6th Apr 2006, 07:24

How do you like all the burning oil from such a great car.

8th May 2006, 21:14

Sorry buddy, it didn't burn oil. kind of a random thing to say as well... good try though.

12th Nov 2006, 13:01

Hey guyz I am looking to buy a Prelude 97 which has sh v-tec engine and 223K on it. It looks good and runs good. It is a manual drive. Do you think its engine and transmission are good enough at this price, and will last long?

25th Jul 2007, 15:20

It's a Honda, the motor still has some youth in it.