1998 Honda Prelude Base 2.2L from North America


A sports car with Honda reliability


Absolutely nothing! I have owned the car for nearly three years and have merely had the routine Honda maintenance and 3 month oil changes. That's it!

General Comments:

Limited production numbers ultimately killed this car, but that makes it - in my book - a very special and unique car. It's a 'head-turner' that isn't as 'common' or 'dime-a-dozen' as the Chevy Camero or other pony cars.

Fast, sporty, sexy, a wonderful car.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2004

4th Mar 2005, 10:46

Rock on, I own one and totally agree.

11th Feb 2007, 01:34

I love my prelude too, it rocks!!fast and cool looking! I owned a 2000 accord coupe before the prelude, love the prelude more. honda should make it 2 sitter or larger back sits, they are now unusable and just added weight for me.

1998 Honda Prelude 2.2. vti 4ws from Croatia


Honda should not be proud on that model


First it was a 4ws (four wheel steering) which was pretty self centered so sometimes it worked and sometimes it was on vacation.

On 95tkm automatic transmission suddenly overheated and the cost of reparation was 3000 Euros or 5000Eur for new one. Than the service said they can make from that car manual one for only 2000eur. As it was cheaper option I decided for it, but after that no one could calibrate the electronic on that car because the computer recognized it was automatic and it demanded to put the car in parking position while working on it. The cruse control also could not work because of the difference in speed sensors.

On 100km the front wheel barring broke and also the head on which it is pressed on. It took me six weeks of waiting for the part and next 300 euro.

At 105tkm the back wheel barring broke, but it was in possible to change only the bearring because the Honda sales only the whole arm which costs around 1000 Eur. That was the last thing for me so I decided to sell the car.

General Comments:

This is the most beautiful car I ever had.

Very quick on open road, whit great comfort in front seats.

I would not recommend it as a sport car, more as a sport limousine.

The engine is very economic, it only needs about 12l/100km in the city and around 10l on open road, altough if you drive 230km/h it can consume 17l/100km.

The only thing I should point out that when everything is working good on that car, which is rarely, than it is great to drive it, but I never had such a bad car. From 10 months I had it I drive it maybe 7 months and other 3 it was in service garage. The service costs are extremely high and there are only genuine Honda parts for that model.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2004

1998 Honda Prelude Type SH H22A4 from North America


One fast car

General Comments:

Damn, the 98 Prelude Type SH is a great car. 195 hp, 156 lbs of torque; the SH comes with ATTS, which helps it handle better. I love my 98 Honda Prelude Type SH.

The only bad thing about it, is it's a little heavy (about 3045 lbs), but it's still a great car. It does the 1/4 mile in 15.4 at 93.2 mph, and it pulls a 0.89 G's at the skid pad. Great car.

Check out my 98 Prelude Type SH at www.sicrides.8m.com

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003

1998 Honda Prelude SH from North America


A great mix of sports and luxury, and a good value!


The only thing that ever went wrong with this car while I owned it was the battery failing, merely a result of the batteries age.

General Comments:

I can't say enough great things about this car. It's quite fast (a little above average as far as mid range sports cars go), handles incredibly, and very stylish too. It had a perfect record as far as reliability went (although I only put 25000km on it, and it's still in it's youth), and was pretty decent as far as fuel economy too. The factory stereo system is pretty nice (though I replaced the deck).

If I have to pick some weak points on this car, the obvious one is that it is expensive to maintain (even just regular maintenance), and when it does start to have issues as it gets older, I'm sure things will get worse. Next, I found this car to be a 2 seater, since I have no midgets for friends or children, I could not get anyone into the back seat. They're basically just decoration.

This is a great car, if a car is what you're after. A nice hybrid of sports and luxury, with the Honda reliability and performance. I would highly recommend it. I ended up selling because I found I needed an SUV with more passenger and cargo space. It really held it's value well from purchase to resale (2 years)!

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Review Date: 11th July, 2003