1995 Hyundai Accent reviews from North America

Accent L 1.5L 4 cylinder

Bulletproof little car, fun to drive

204 words, 2 comments

Accent ex basic model

Value added

101 words

Accent 1.5L

Best car I ever owned

31 words

Accent Manual

142 words

Accent L 1.5L Gas

Zippy gas miser and fun to own

239 words

Accent GL 1 SOHC, 4 cylinder

Small car with a little kick to it!

58 words

Accent 1.5 SOCH

Great value, cheap to maintain, and fun to drive

165 words


A high performance bargain

Accent 4 door

Attractive family car, that's too small for a family, great on gas and insurance rates

Accent base hatchback 1.5

I Love Hyundai

131 words

Accent GL 1.5

I will always swear by this car

216 words, 3 comments

Accent 2-door with hatchback

It was the top of the low end

Accent L 1.5 SOHC

I will buy another Hyundai

88 words

Accent 2 door

A great bargain for a beginner!!!!!

Accent 4 Door Sedan 1.5L

Low cost, high value, and stylish to boot

268 words


Accent GL

How do you spell crap? A.C.C.E.N.T

Accent Coupe

Excellent value for the money

Accent Sedan 4dr

Would never buy another Hyundai

Accent L 1.5L SOHC

This car is pretty good for the money, but the overall lack of quality is disheartening

147 words, 2 comments

Accent 1.5

73 words, 4 comments