2000 Hyundai Accent reviews from North America

Accent L 1.5

Great car for your money

98 words


Good first car, but be prepared for some issues


Cheap car

Accent GL 1.5 12 valve

Easy operation and mostly maintenance free in a timely manner

72 words

Accent GL 1.5


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Accent GS 1.5 SOHC

It's been a nightmare

251 words, 1 comment

Accent GL

An affordable and reliable machine


Accent 1.5

An excellent buy

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Accent GLS 1.5

Do not buy this car!

113 words

Accent GSi



Why did Hyundai even start making it?

Accent GL 1.1 Ltr.

Excellent buy overall, worth the investment, very good warranty package

191 words

Accent 4 cylinder

Great car, Southern Ontario dealer and head office have no clue what they have to do to help out

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Accent L 1.5 SOHC gasoline

Great car for what you pay!

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Accent GS 1.5 Litre

Pay for what you get

69 words, 1 comment

Accent LX

It is an inconvenience when you need it everyday

Accent GS 1.5

Excellent economy car with a 10 year warranty to back it up

51 words

Accent Unknown 1.5 liter I think

172 words, 3 comments

Accent GS 1.5 L4 MFI SOHC 12

Lemon, do not purchase one!

121 words, 3 comments

Accent GL

My opinion of the Hyundai is it is nothing but trouble


Accent GL

Total disappointment

Accent GSi 1.5

GREAT car for the money

18 words

Accent GL

Not Impressed

Accent GL 1.6 4L

I got the bad apple!!!

197 words, 3 comments

Accent GS

A good deal for what it is

Accent L Base 1.5

Cheap car good mileage, but poorly built safety concerns for clutch and brakes

242 words, 2 comments

Accent GL 1.5 ltr 4 cylinder

Definitely a wonderful get-the-most-for-your-money stylish little car that will repay you over again

330 words, 2 comments

Accent GL 1.5

A quality car for a great price!!

97 words

Accent GS 1.5

If you want a cheap tin can with a good warranty, this is the car for you!

96 words

Accent GL

Best Economy Car; great gas mileage, great price, very reliable

Accent GL 2000

Nice car, but not worth what was paid for it

Accent GLS

I thought I had a good deal until the rusting started

Accent L 1.5

A piece of junk and crap service

177 words, 6 comments

Accent GSi 1.5 SOHC

Don't listen to what people say about. TRY IT OUT it costs nothing!

95 words, 5 comments

Accent GL 1.5

Excellent value

21 words

Accent GS

Low performance and bad service

Accent GL 1.5

From point A to point B and back - good tool

13 words, 1 comment

Accent GL 1.5

Best car for the money

42 words

Accent L

It is a crackerjack box car!

Accent GS 1.8

Piece of crap car, I should have bought a bike

154 words, 16 comments

Accent G (base) 1.5 liter

Great little car, if you take very good care of it!!!

395 words

Accent 4 cylinder

Good car, poor service

172 words, 1 comment