A joke and a blow to the ego

72 words, 2 comments

Accent GS 1.5L 92 HP

I have never heard of a car's chassis rusting away at less than 40,000 miles

221 words, 3 comments

Accent GL 1.6 DOHC

The best car for getting from A to B

370 words, 1 comment

Accent GL 1.6L

Not a bad car for a kid going to college, or a first car

161 words

Accent GL 1.5 liter

The car should be called ACCIDENT

61 words, 1 comment

Accent GSi 1.6L DOHC

Worst car ever, I am sorry I bought it

310 words, 2 comments

Accent GL 1.6


18 words

Accent GS 1.5


132 words

Accent GL 1.5

A great budget decision

64 words

Accent 1.5L

O2 sensor is too unreliable and 3rd gear doesn't work

75 words

Accent GSI 1.6L

Affordable, but not economical!!!

173 words

Accent GS Hatchback 1.6

One heck of a car to depend on!

60 words

Accent GL 1.6 DOHC

Will go to Mount Doom and back with a smile

173 words

Accent GS

Very economical and easy to drive

177 words


This is a very poor quality car

194 words, 1 comment


This car is not worth the headaches

63 words

Accent GS 1.6

Shoddy and flimsy

332 words

Accent L 1.5 SOHC 12v gas

Good little car, but avoid avoid avoid the manual transmission!

369 words, 4 comments

Accent GS 3 Door 1.5L

Best little car on the road

123 words

Accent GL 1.3

Seemed like a good deal, but the cheapest model of a cheap brand is a gamble

252 words, 1 comment

Accent GL

Good car, bad service

565 words

Accent Coupe 1.5 Liter

It's hard to look macho in this car

239 words

Accent GS 1.6

A well- designed reliable budget wise car

326 words

Accent 1.5

I still love my car going into the third year!

87 words

Accent GS 1.6

106 words, 5 comments

Accent GL 1.6L DOHC

Good car, but beware: 100k mile Warranty covers little

298 words

Accent GL 1.6

Reliable motoring at an affordable price

103 words, 6 comments

Accent GSi

Great car, great price!

164 words

Accent LX 1.7

A cheap car with a very expensive hidden flaw

297 words, 18 comments

Accent GS

Great bargain, but be on toes re insurance

467 words, 2 comments

Accent GS 1.5

This is a lemon

196 words, 6 comments

Accent GS 1.6L

A bargain the feels like it was made for me

107 words

Accent GS 1.6L

It left a sour taste in my mouth like old sushi

141 words, 2 comments

Accent GL 1.6 4 Cylinder

The Accent is fabulous baby!

267 words

Accent GL 1.6L

An absolute bargain at $7500

87 words

Accent GL 1.6

A comfortable, yet unreliable car

90 words, 2 comments

Accent GS

Good car Bad service

36 words

Accent GS 1.6

Great city car

115 words

Accent GSi 1.6L inline 4 cylinder

The car is peppy and responsive. Definitely a good buy

162 words

Accent GL 1.6 liter

A good performer at bargain basement prices

380 words

Accent GL 1.6

Elegant car at a fraction of the price

124 words

Accent GL 1.6

A wonderful choice for the economically minded

229 words

Accent GL 1.6-liter DOHC

The monetary fuel savings and the low cost more than make up for the minor imperfections

167 words

Accent GS 1.5

A car I will drive until it blows up

115 words, 8 comments

Accent GS 1.6

A highly recommended buy if you are looking for a quality economical means of transportation

20 words, 1 comment

Accent GL Sedan 1.5 liter

Best by for a old married dad guy

74 words