2003 Hyundai Accent reviews from North America

Accent GL 1.6

Fun to drive, but cheaply made, and tends to have transmission problems

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Accent GS 1.6 DOHC

Good car... When it functions

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Accent GL 1.6 DOHC

Great car

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Accent GL

It's not worth the money

Accent GL

This is a terrible vehicle. Sell it ASAP if you own one

Accent GSi 1.6L

Nice looking fun to drive car that is fairly reliable with good warranty

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This one is a lemon

Accent GL 1.8L I think

An all-around good, inexpensive ride

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Accent 1.9L

I would buy it again

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Accent GL 1.6

The jury is still out, but it doesn't look good :- (

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Accent 1.6

We will replace this car with another Accent when the warranty is up

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Accent 4-Door GL

Cheap car, but needs to be maintained

Accent GS

Best new car deal around!


A great car for College

Accent 1.6 Liter

Best compact car value around

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