2003 Hyundai Accent from North America


This one is a lemon


The clutch had problems at 20,000 miles.

There has been a constant problem with the alignment.

General Comments:

I bought a second Hyundai accent because I had good results with the first one. However, this problem with the frame is serious and I am receiving a run around from the dealer and from Hyundai. I doubt I will buy another one. Since I bought this Accent in July 2003, I have brought it in to have an alignment 5 different times, as well as to have the wheels balanced (due to enormous vibrations) 3 different times. After the dealer replaced the left front bushings, they still could not align it. I was told that there is a problem with the frame, but I have never had an accident. In two years, I have had to replace 5 tires that were worn out! I have called Hyundai directly and been to the dealer and I am just getting a run around. This is a serious problem and they just do not want to deal with it.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2005

3rd Nov 2006, 22:16

I think you probably said it right. You got a lemon. The problems you're having don't appear to be common for the car.

Not sure if it's too late or not, but if they can't fix it, you may want to consider discussing it with a lawyer familiar with Lemon Laws.

Might also consider checking out another dealership if there's one not too far away.

2003 Hyundai Accent GL 1.8L I think from North America


An all-around good, inexpensive ride


A very cold winter caused the transmission fluid to break down and caused shifting to be difficult to impossible. Minor issue caused major fear, but resulted in free fluid change.

The paint job is sub-standard and scratches very easily.

General Comments:

At the time of purchase, it the only car I could afford. In spite of that, I am very happy with this car. It handles well, accelerates well, handles the highway and city driving with ease. Great on gas. Good room for luggage and passengers.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2005

2003 Hyundai Accent 1.9L from North America


I would buy it again


Brakes were screeching and needed lubricated at approx. 7,000 miles.

Driver's side front brake scraping and needed lubricated at 32,000 miles.

Passenger side cup holder broke, but I easily snapped the piece back in when it came out.

I don't think seats are comfortable at all on long trips.

General Comments:

This car is very dependable, and will get you where you need to go, as quick as you need to get there.

Maintenance costs are reasonable, when maintenance is required.

Driver's seat uncomfortable on long trips, but how are you supposed to know that from a test drive??

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

2003 Hyundai Accent GL 1.6 from North America


The jury is still out, but it doesn't look good :- (


The air bag light recently came on for no reason.

The clutch went at 20,000 miles.

General Comments:

I bought a nissan sentra with 30,000 miles. I drove until 120,000 miles and never had a problem with the clutch. Considering that this is a hydraulic clutch in this car, if this keeps happening I will spend a small fortune on clutches. This Hyundai is not the first manual car I owned and I haven't been rough on the clutch. I just read another review where an Accent owner had their clutch changed at 40,000. The dealer told me when I bought the car that the clutch should be good for around 80,000 miles.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2004

28th Mar 2005, 22:49

I bought a 2004 Accent GS with the 5-speed for my job as a courier; I put ~300KM on my car every day 5-6 days/week for work and another 20-100KM/day on my days off. I've currently got 63,000KM on the car (bought approximately 10 months ago) and the clutch is as responsive as ever. I only just flushed the clutch fluid when it became dark (black) about 1000KMs ago.

2003 Hyundai Accent 1.6 from North America


We will replace this car with another Accent when the warranty is up


Check engine light at 20,000 miles. Dealer replaced all spark plugs and wires, no charge.

Trouble shifting into third and reverse at 22,000 miles. Dealer replaced clutch master and slave cylinder, no charge.

Front wheel bearing noise at 25,000 miles. Dealer replaced both, no charge.

The seat belts do seem to hit a smaller driver a little funny. This was fixed with the adjuster clips seen at parts houses.

General Comments:

The Accent has been a very solid performer for us. It accelerates very well and handles like a go-cart.

It averages 38 miles per gallon.

My wife and daughter took the car on a 4,000 mile vacation during the first month we owned the car. No problems, averaged 40 miles per gallon (all highway).

I do oil changes every 3,000 miles, check all fluids and inspect everything. I have not had to fill anything else.

It is a two door so access to the rear seat is a little tight, but we expected that.

The stereo is very nice.

The seats are firm. They seem to be holding up very well.

For a $9,000 car (we have air conditioning) the car is an excellent value. The dealer support has been second to none.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2004

15th May 2010, 23:25

Check engine light, can't get 3rd gear, and wheel bearing out, all before 25K, is not 10 out of 10 reliability.