2003 Hyundai Accent GSi 1.6L from North America


Nice looking fun to drive car that is fairly reliable with good warranty


Check engine light came on around 10,000kms, told by the dealer it was the spark plugs. I also would need to replace the cam chain because it was making noise, but when I returned to have the work done I was told that the cam chain was fine and the noise the motor was making is normal for a 4 cylinder car.

At 16,000kms the car required spark plugs again. Also told once again any noises heard from the engine are completely normal!?

Spark plugs again at 24,000kms and there was a mystery coolant leak even though no coolant ever was found on the ground. Only the level showed it was low.

36,000kms clutch safety switch started to act up. The car wouldn't start unless you press the clutch 6 or more times. Dealer could not find a problem and it seemed to have fixed itself.

40,000kms I discovered when the dealer did the 36,000kms service the transmission level check bolt was not correctly installed causing fluid to leak.

At 48,000kms the car had a major service done for about $500. I thought this was very expense for such a basic car, but after seeing the service invoice I felt the money they charge was unfair. The only things they did was replace 2 filters, a license plate bulb, and the spark plugs, again!

From the first time I had the car serviced till recently the noises are coming from every part of the car, engine, transmission, interior trim, and the tires have developed a vibration that won't go away even though I have my summer and winter wheels balanced every time they are installed.

The quality of the car is poor having lots of parts replaced under warranty or because of dealer abuse during service. The list includes steering wheel, shift knob, left and right door panels, and other small interior pieces. And the metal the car is constructed from is very soft. My car looks like a ripple chip if look down the body lines front to back. A new dent is added every time I leave the car in a parking lot.

General Comments:

Quality of the car is poor. Required service for warranty seems to be over priced and poorly done by dealer.

However the car has been fairly reliable and fun to drive around town. The warranty is a nice safety net and no hassle to use.

I would recommend the car, but not the dealer making it a good used car if it is well taken care of.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2006

2003 Hyundai Accent from North America


This one is a lemon


The clutch had problems at 20,000 miles.

There has been a constant problem with the alignment.

General Comments:

I bought a second Hyundai accent because I had good results with the first one. However, this problem with the frame is serious and I am receiving a run around from the dealer and from Hyundai. I doubt I will buy another one. Since I bought this Accent in July 2003, I have brought it in to have an alignment 5 different times, as well as to have the wheels balanced (due to enormous vibrations) 3 different times. After the dealer replaced the left front bushings, they still could not align it. I was told that there is a problem with the frame, but I have never had an accident. In two years, I have had to replace 5 tires that were worn out! I have called Hyundai directly and been to the dealer and I am just getting a run around. This is a serious problem and they just do not want to deal with it.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2005

3rd Nov 2006, 22:16

I think you probably said it right. You got a lemon. The problems you're having don't appear to be common for the car.

Not sure if it's too late or not, but if they can't fix it, you may want to consider discussing it with a lawyer familiar with Lemon Laws.

Might also consider checking out another dealership if there's one not too far away.