1991 Hyundai Excel reviews from North America

Excel 1.5L

Awesome little car

75 words, 3 comments

Excel GS 1.5L SOHC 8v Inline 4

I wouldn't suggest buying one unless you can do the maintenance

78 words


Reliable little car that can do almost anything


Didn't pay much for it and haven't paid much to keep it running

Excel 2.0 BBL

A great car at a great price

87 words, 1 comment

Excel GS 1.5

I can take out a CRX any day

39 words, 1 comment


A piece of junk!

Excel Two Door 1.5

It's a LEMON!

111 words, 3 comments

Excel Base 1.5L gas

A great buy, but do yourself a favor and learn how to drive a stick on these mini-cars

160 words