Excel 1.4 litre

Good reliable car, with great gas mileage

57 words


245 words, 1 comment

Excel CX 1.5 liter

An OK Car

71 words

Excel 1.5

No con in this economy car

248 words, 1 comment

Excel CX 4-Cylinder

Cheap economy car

66 words


It's a reliable, economical car

110 words


Good performance

101 words

Excel Hatchback 1.6L

Peppy, super reliable economy car that goes forever.

193 words


As long as you keep up with the car, the car will keep up with you.

134 words, 3 comments

Excel 1.5L

Great performance and super mileage (36MPG)

34 words

Excel CXL 1.5

A high economical and reliable bargain

105 words, 5 comments

Excel GLX 1.5L

Great value for money

35 words

Excel 1.5

Still going strong

63 words

Excel Std Hatchback 1.5? (4 cyl)

197 words

Excel 1.5?

56 words