Santa Fe GLS 2.7

Excellent small SUV

44 words

Santa Fe LTD 3.3L gasoline

Great auto for the price, would purchase another if the noise problem is corrected

175 words, 1 comment

Santa Fe GLS AWD 3.3L V6

Great value, smooth, refined, perfect for your family

166 words, 4 comments

Santa Fe GLS 2.7

Electrical nightmare

348 words

Santa Fe GS 2.7 V6

Warranty is NO good

124 words, 1 comment

Santa Fe SE V6

124 words, 3 comments

Santa Fe

At $44k with all the bells and whistles, better than average value

35 words

Santa Fe GL 2.7 gas

A nice small SUV

69 words

Santa Fe LX 2.7 Gas

Great SUV for the money!!!

92 words

Santa Fe GLS AWD

I would not purchase another Hyundai

55 words, 63 comments

Santa Fe GLS 3.3 V6 Gas

I'm very upbeat about our future with this car

381 words, 19 comments

Santa Fe

122 words

Santa Fe 3.3

Very well thought out and comparable to much more expensive vehicles

121 words, 2 comments

Santa Fe GL 3.3L

Well built mid-sized SUV with lots of power and average gas mileage

247 words, 1 comment