11th Dec 2011, 18:46

151000 Kilometers.

Well done Hyundai. From my experience, you are building reliable and durable automobiles. Our '07 Santa Fe has only needed a couple wheel bearings, brakes, oil, and tires in almost five years.

It remains as comfortable as ever. Seems quiet as ever. And has 99% of all the parts it was delivered with.

The Santa Fe is a good long term automotive investment. Low cost of operation. And almost no surprises.

Those Yokohama Parada's are also smooth and sharp, but are getting noisy after only 20k Kliks.

12th Apr 2012, 09:35

160000kms (or 100000 miles).

This car is just too reliable. It should be shedding parts (like water pumps, fuel pumps, belts,...etc.) by now. But it just keeps motoring.

I LOVE the savings. I had intended to move on to a new vehicle at about this mileage. But I think it's got another 30 to 60k kms of trouble free driving left in it. Though it may need a couple of front control arm bushings, again. A middling expense, if needed.

I also can't believe the condition of the paint. It looks fresh and shines in the sun very much the same way it did when new. Granted, it has few nicks in it, but that's not Hyundai's fault.

The drivers seat has exhibited a little bit of cracking on the vinyl portion of the cushion (the rest is leather, which has held up amazingly well). But I'm nit-picking.

When it's time, I will be shopping Hyundai, first.

2nd May 2012, 22:48

161567 Kms.

Finally, something has broke. But at this mileage, what else is expected. Had to replace the battery and alternator. An $800+ bill.

Also looks like a rear brake job will be due before fall.

But c'mon, this car has lots of trouble free miles on it, and looks good for another 100k.

And I'm still keeping it for another year. We like the comfort and feel of this car.

8th Jun 2012, 15:21

162,788 km's (101,000+ miles).

After five years and many, many kilometres of trouble free motoring, a few items have begun to break. Needed a new rear wheel bearing, and a front ball joint. As well, the rear brake pads and rotors were replaced, but this is not failure, rather it's wear. And none of these items have caused any bit of inconvenience. The Santa Fe is humming along just fine after these fixes. Still comfortable and quiet. Interior beginning to show its age.

But I would still recommend the Santa Fe.

14th Jan 2013, 21:41

182,000 kms

Still a good experience. Solid no rattles or shakes. No repairs since the last report. Just more smooth sailing.

16th Jan 2013, 15:48

Hyundais appear to be pretty well-built cars. My friend (against my advice) drove his Accent 40,000 miles past the due date for replacing the timing belt. It never broke and he just had it replaced at 100,000 miles. The car has been absolutely flawless. Another friend has had similar experience with their 2006 Sante Fe.

19th Jul 2013, 21:59

200000 km.

Amazing. An almost trouble free Hyundai. NO rust, NO rattles. NO drooping body hardware. Really good paint (except for a couple of parking lot scratches).

This Santa Fe has been a reliable, comfortable ride for over six years. And I'm hangin' on to it. It's an almost free ride.

And still a better car than the Volvo I traded in for it.

The carpets surprised me. I figured the light coloured carpets would look awful by now. But they clean up like new every time I have it cleaned up.

The Yokohama Parada's are looking like they'll need replacing in the next 10k's. There is nothing remarkable to say about them. They're just tires.

It's thumbs up for us. Hyundai, you've made it to the show with a quality and reliable product. Now just when are you putting in the diesel on the '14 Santa Fe?

22nd Sep 2013, 10:50

203000 km.

THIS IS THE END. Our amazing journey with the Santa Fe has ended. Drove in with a friend to help him purchase a car at a VW dealership. Got smitten by the diesel Passat. Showed it to my wife. Sold!

The Santa Fe was a good, very reliable, and comfortable companion for 6 years and 5 months. It proves to me that Hyundai is a world player in the car game.

But, I have always wanted a repeat experience of Rudolf Diesels. A marvelous engine. I wrote earlier that I would be looking for diesel. Even though Hyundai markets the Santa Fe with diesel in other markets, they won't do it here. The gas V6 Santa Fe is a smidgen thirsty, to say the least. So they forced me to look elsewhere.

Once I have a few kliks on the new car, I will add my comments to Car Survey. This is a great place to journal your experience with your car, so that others can learn the realities of every day life with particular car models.

Watch for a new Passat journal on carsurvey.org. Coming soon!