2nd Apr 2008, 19:54

Hyundai-Volvo comparison? Well, water is good, but when you need something better you drink a beer! Forget the price!

18th Jun 2008, 09:46

Just did the 36k checkup. This is a good, reliable car. It drives well. It tracks well. It is comfortable and roomy. I have become accustomed to the short seat cushion. The radio reception is, sometimes, not very good, but still sounds great.

Average gas mileage is 23.7 Imp. MPG. Hiway is 32 Imp. MPG plus. Regular grade fuel. Excellent in this time of expensive gas.

Have worn out the front brake pads, but I expected that. It seems traction control and ECS really eat up the pads.

People still seem amazed by the car. They often ask about the car, suspecting a tale of woe, to discover that it's just as reliable as a Toyota, delivers on its advertised promises, and I am still happy with it. And I am very fussy about cars. I once got rid of an 8 month old Volvo due to a rattle they couldn't and wouldn't fix.

Having driven Volvos, for the 10 years prior to this purchase, I can say this car is everything that the Volvo V70 currently aspires to, but simply doesn't deliver any more.

I am looking forward to Hyundai's upcoming diesel version in 2010. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

As for the dealers. Well, they don't vacuum your wallet the way the Volvo dealers do, but they aren't very professional. There is currently no dealer in my area. They went belly-up a month after I bought mine. The dealer I tried for the cars first checkup lied to me. The second dealer wasn't listening. The current dealer is OK, but forgot to return the wheel lock socket to the tire well after a tire rotation. Though they did deliver it to me 4 days later. Will give them another try.

20th Oct 2008, 23:11

Now at 50,000 kilometers. Santa Fe still delivering smiles. Another trip to the Maine coast went as smoothly as the first.

Only issue at 44k kliks was a broken sway bar bushing. Fixed under warranty.

Gas Mileage is very good. Ride and control still great. And still quieter than our last Volvo.

Dealers appear to be getting sharper... betting the owners don't read their owners manuals. Local dealer tried to scam me out of $450cdn for an oil change, tire rotation, and numerous item inspections (48k service). Had to show him the manual. Didn't look like he'd ever seen the maintenance schedule, by the look on his face.

The things he wanted to do to that car... like sending it to the spa.

26th Oct 2009, 21:06

October 26/2009 82000km's.

As good as a Toyota or Lexus in the reliability department. Interior standing up to my particular brand of abuse. Easy to clean the leather. The beige coloured floors are a little off from their original hue, but that's more to do with the dirt, and snow we get up here. I noticed the '08s and later rightly get the dark floor carpets even with the tan leather. Replaced the original Bridgestone tires with Kumho R51's at 68000km's. Noticeable difference in ride, comfort, bad weather handling, noise and PRICE. Not that the Bridgestones were bad, just the Kumho's are that much better and about $50/tire cheaper.

Another trip to Maine (likely the last for awhile) without incident. My son's 1 year old Ford Escape V6 blew up in the Catskill's on the way home. Warranty, but a huge inconvenience just the same.

Ultimately, I really like my Santa Fe. You will too!

I have my eye on a new Genesis, but that will have to wait for retirement in a couple of years.

17th Apr 2010, 11:46

April /10 98,000 kms.

After 3 years with our Santa Fe I am still a Hyundai fan. And I found a dealer who's service department knows the service schedule for the car. Though they tend to forget that I insist on synthetic oil for oil changes.

Nonetheless, the Santa Fe is an excellent reliable car. Service issues are not worth commenting except to say it hasn't ever needed only one item under warranty in 3 years. Eat your heart out Toyota!

The body is still tight. The seats solid, but are getting a little soiled. The ride is great and the Kumho tires REALLY make a substantial positive difference. Am keeping this until it hits 150,000 kms (I have never held a car beyond a hundred before) and hoping the next version of the Santa Fe will have a diesel. Even if it doesn't, the next car will have Hyundai at the top of the shopping list.

Good Show Hyundai!

20th Aug 2010, 07:21

Thanks for your review and detailed updates. You are helping me with a decision between a Hyundai, the Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota Highlander and possibly Ford Edge/Escape. It seems the fuel economy and new found reliability with Hyundai makes this a great buy. We're going to keep our eyes out for one this fall. Thanks again!

17th Feb 2011, 10:58

February 16, 2011. 123000kms.

Still a good car. Still great in snow and ice, especially with 4 Pirelli snow tires. Still comfortable. Brakes redone at 122000kms. Needs a new right wheel bearing. Having this done next week. Though it is not cheap.

Gas mileage holding up. Current dealer still honest and efficient. What more could I ask for?

One of my better automotive experiences. And I still say it is better than the 2004 Volvo V70 I previously had, in every way.

I expect to run this up to 160k kms. Hoping Hyundai has a replacement with a diesel. Listen up Hyundai. I love your car. But without diesel, I will look elsewhere.

21st Feb 2011, 15:36

Great review!

I love it when folks update and fill us in on how well the vehicle holds up over the years. Everyone loves their car after a few days. Thanks a lot. I am trying to make a decision and you've been a great help.

18th Mar 2011, 20:33

We own a 2007 Santa Fe in Aug 2007. During winter months, we drive for approx an hour and the heater begins to throw out cold air, not hot/warm air. We have taken it to two dealers, and they say nothing is wrong. The second dealer said they contacted the engineers, and they say there is nothing wrong. The service manager of the second dealer even stated the first time the vehicle was taken in, that it was not normal, but all of a sudden there is nothing wrong. The vehicle now has approx 59,000 kms.

Other than this problem, we are quite happy, so far, with our Santa Fe.

6th Jun 2011, 08:57

OK, here we are with 132k klicks. Still a good purchase. Still quiet, no squeaks, or rattles. Ride comfort just as good. Unfortunately another wheel bearing (not very expensive this time) and two tie rod ends were replaced. We're hard on this car. Putting on over 30k klicks a year, so I don't begrudge the cost.

Another set of tires needed. Rubber doesn't seem to last very long anymore. This time a set of Yokohama Paradas. Very guiet and fairly smooth ride. Turn in is outstanding.

Interior holding up well. After a detailing it looked like new. Body parts and hardware still functional and not showing any wear. Paint condition is fabulous. Shows no sign of fading at all.