5th Jun 2010, 22:59

Have a 2007 Sante Fe GLS 2 WD, sounds like my back driver side pads are squeaking, took it to shop, pads are fine. Must be sticking, sometimes the garage smells funny when wife arrives home from driving it a distance, must be the rotors and pads sticking. Could it be the shocks?

15th Jun 2010, 13:12

I also have a 2007 Sante Fe. At 30,000 km it needed a complete brake job. Now at 70,000 km and was told today that I need another complete brake job, because I did not get the brakes serviced 24,000 km after first brake job. Very disappointing and expensive!!!

6th Jul 2010, 14:36

2007 Santa Fe Limited.

My right rear brakes heated up, luckily I changed them right before it got to metal. I put ceramic pads on and they are heating up too (anti squeal crisped up like burnt bacon), not good. I just took the car in and they are telling me I installed them wrong (oh I'm gonna have fun with this). So he in a few minutes armed with all of your complaints I'm going to have it out with them. I know cars and the back brakes are not suppose to do this, not to mention changing your own brakes is easy. It only cost 80 bucks for new pads all the way around. Quit going to the dealers, they only want your money and give you low quality products. This includes changing your oil. Santa Fe is the easiest, no mess. I'll post later.

11th Jul 2010, 01:21

I have been very disappointed with my 2007 Hyundai since the day I purchased it.

I completed the purchase of the car at 11pm, so the salesman offered to deliver the car to me the next day; the problem was the backseat DVD player was missing. The salesman deny it was ever there, and state non of the Sante Fes had DVD players. I paid 3550.00 extra to have this equipment. Total purchase price was $31550.

My leather seats changed color a week after purchase, and GPS knobs fall off.

Now the car has about 50,000 miles, and I have been told that I need to replace the hubs to stop the load noise my tires make. My tires have been replaced several times due to premature wearing.

It locked up right after my last oil change. So I just paid $4000.00 to have the engine replaced. Nothing is cover under warranty. Hyundai technician offered to buy the car from me for $4000.00 and refused to fix the car under warranty. So I wrote to Hyundai Consumer Affairs for help - they made everything my fault and stated that everything is normal wear on the car.

I am afraid Hyundai will continue to deny the SUV is defeated until numerous lives are lost. I will never do business with Hyundai again, and this was my 3rd Hyundai purchase. I am trying to sell the car and purchase a Ford.

Very disappointed in Houston, Texas.

1st Aug 2010, 04:07

I am so relieved that it is not my driving style that the service guy suggested was the reason my 2007 Santa Fe needed new rear brakes. I paid over $500.00 for these repairs, only to have the squealing return the next morning. I have followed the service recommendations from Hyundai without fail, and I have to travel 200 kms each way to get to the nearest dealership for these service appointments. 3 weeks after purchasing the Santa Fa in 2007, the sunglass holder also leaked during rain storms. I am beginning to think I should have listen to my gut and gone back to GM products.

20th Oct 2010, 12:11

I own a 2007 Santa Fe and until recently have been very satisfied.

I have had several issues in the past 4 years that have all been successfully repaired (electric seat, A/C/heat compressor). 4 days ago I started my Santa Fe to leave work and it started tapping VERY loudly, shaking badly and emitted a foul odor. The next morning the same thing, but after it runs a few minutes it seems to run OK. It has been at the dealership for 4 days and they say they can't figure anything out...

Has anyone else had this problem? Help. I need my vehicle back.

30th Nov 2010, 18:52

My 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe rear drivers side (outside) pad was down to metal and scraped the rotor. Changed the pads today and noticed that the tires (Bridgestones) were unevenly worn at 37000 miles. Rotated them, but still hear loud roaring sounds from tires. Not too happy with what I have been reading on this site about others having this same problem.

16th Mar 2011, 20:43

I had to replace pads on the rear of my 2007 Santa Fe, because the driver side one was worn down to metal at approximately 40,000 km. It seems like the caliper is the culprit. My front pads still have about 30% left in them, but the driver side rear one is gone again at 90,000 km.

21st Mar 2011, 19:33

March 2011, I am the owner of a 2007 Santa Fe AWD.

Problems: the engine won't start without 2 or 3 tries, happens occasionally.

When new at 25,000 km, the left rear brake pads wore down to metal, ruined the rotor. I repaired that myself, new pads and rotors on the rear. All Hyundai owners should get together and have a class action for this to be repaired by Hyundai.

Also the windshield rubber fell off twice while driving. Dealer fixed that after the second visit to them.

Some rust spots on the body, which the dealers won't fix.

Bottom line; rear brakes are terrible on all Santa Fe's.

Very disappointed in this vehicle, would not buy another Hyundai of any type.

New Brunswick, Canada.

7th May 2011, 20:48

I just had new rear tires put on my 2007 (24k miles) and I'm having the same symptoms. Rear brakes seem locked on. I check my emergency brake and it's off.

31st Aug 2011, 16:03

I had my 2008 Hyundai Sante Fe in the dealership for an oil change. I have very low mileage because I purchased it in 2009 as a new vehicle for a lower price. The mechanic brought my brake pads out, to show me that one was ground down to almost nothing. They replaced them, and only charged me for the labor, not the pads, but that was still $160.00. I agree, and believe that there is a problem, plus it was causing me to get bad gas mileage, it seemed like something was rubbing.

Tamara Dreier

August 31, 2011.

19th Sep 2011, 09:58

It is very disappointing to hear from a Hyundai service that the driver side rear rotor/pad of my 25000km 2009 Santa Fe has to be replaced at my own cost.

What should I do? Any suggestions?

21st Dec 2011, 16:00

We have a 2008 AWD Santa Fe Limited!! Same problem with rear brakes; had to replace pads and rotors last January, and now almost a year later, the driver's side rotor has to be replaced again!!! Hyundai needs to recognize and fix this ongoing problem!!

21st Feb 2013, 10:46

We are attorneys handling a class action against Hyundai regarding the defective rotor/caliper brake assembly, and would like to discuss your experience with the vehicle. I thank you in advance for contacting me.

Michael Braunstein



16th May 2013, 12:26

I live in Victoria BC, Canada. My daughter has owned her 2009 Sante Fe since Nov 2009. She currently has 39000 kilometers on the vehicle (25000 miles). The right rear pads are sticking against the rotor. Midas informed me the cause was the result of the caliper not pulling the pads back after the brake pedal was released, and it was only happening on the right rear wheel. Hyundai refused to admit there was a problem, and stated brake maintenance wasn't being done on the vehicle. She previously owned a 2001 Sante Fe, and it had 125000 kilometers on it when traded in, and only had the front pads changed at 900000 kilometers. The rear brakes were never touched and never had to be serviced.