31st Jul 2009, 19:42

The weather stripping on the driver's door has completely worn through in less than a year. Hyundai states that this is not " normal" wear and tear and refuses to replace it.

I have noticed on other internet reviews that this is a common problem. What else is not "normal" wear and tear if something simple like this is not covered under their warranty?

Sad to say, I am finished with Hyundai Motors!

4th Aug 2009, 09:10

Own 2007 Santa Fe. Rear driver side brake seized up. 2400 miles. Taking it to the dealer tomorrow, and from comments on site am not hopeful for help from them. Will comment on results later.

25th Aug 2009, 08:08

Own a 2007 Santa Fe, brakes serviced after 1-year as per manual recommendation (150$) even though only 12000km on odometer. One year later at 24000km the right rear brakes seized and needed another service. Pads in the yellow mark.

8th Sep 2009, 16:57

Marysville, Ohio - 23,000 miles and brakes just started squeaking. Dealership mentioned $110 service. Haven't had it worked on yet. I will probably ask about TSB's for calipers and warranty.

12th Oct 2009, 16:37

I have a 2007 Sante Fe 4 wheel drive. I have had the same issue with the rear driver's side brakes. They stick and squeak really bad.. I cannot even remove the rotor because it has seized onto the hub. Hyundai will not do a thing for me.. Our weather stripping came up on both side of the windshield as well. They replaced it, but charged us for the windshield because it crack when they removed it. Told me it has a small chip in it. They lied it had no chip. Called Hyundai Canada - would not return my calls. Last time I'll buy a Hyundai.

21st Oct 2009, 17:13

2007 Santa Fe Limited. 30000 miles, same problems as others. Started with driver's side rear brakes. Metal to metal, no help from Hyundai USA or dealership. Ordered new rear rotors and pads, and once fixed, I will sell the truck.

26th Dec 2009, 11:19

2007 Santa Fe seizing brakes.

The comments on this thread are very troubling, as I had the same issues and the dealership was dumbfounded that my rear brakes are seizing up.

Around 40000km's I noticed the fuel mileage dropping significantly, and the smell of burning brakes after just driving for 30km's. I checked them every time and noticed the rear drivers side hub and calipers were extremely hot. Took the vehicle into the dealership and articulated that the brakes were seizing and causing the brake pads to wear. Dealership checked the brakes and said they were all good.

1 month later, I hear squealing and notice the brake pads are worn completely off right down to the rotor. Horrible noise of metal on metal.

Take the vehicle back into the dealership, and they said that it was regular wear and tear on the brakes. The ratio of brake wear on any vehicle with 4 wheel brakes is- 2/1 front to rear. The front brakes should wear 2 times as fast as the rear brakes. My front brakes had plenty left and the rear brakes were down to the metal.

Anyways, after fighting with Hyundai, I had to pay for new pads and have the rotor machined ($400). They so graciously offered to take care of the service (after me freaking out several times over the phone).

My rear drivers side tail light are not illuminated - any other people have this issue.

I am definitely going back to Honda after this.

29th Dec 2009, 23:40

I also had the same issue with the rear driver side brake overheating on a 2007 Santa Fe AWD Limited after 21,000 miles. Pads and slides were replaced by the dealer under warranty, and lube with high temperature grease. I was told rust was the root cause.

Yet I can't figure out why the problem occurs mostly on the driver side. The brake on the passenger side should rust the same. Could it be a glitch in the ABS software that would cause excessive braking from the rear left?

24th Feb 2010, 19:29

I bought a 2007 Santa Fe New. Within the first year the front bearings went out, then at the same time the speedometer stopped working, gas gauge stopped working and automatic door locks would not engage. This issue happened three different times within the next 2 years. Now in year 2010 the ABS module has failed and there is an electrical wiring harness issue in the driver's side door that is once again affecting the door locks. I am told that the wiring harness has water in the unit and has shorted out. Of course the car is no longer under warranty. I am told by the dealer that to repair the ABS module and the wiring harness I am looking at repairs totaling no less than $2500. Has anyone else experienced issues with the ABS module or a door wiring harness?

With the numerous sensor issues and electrical issues, I must clearly state that I am not impressed with the Sante Fe. I would strongly recommend people avoid this vehicle.

28th Mar 2010, 13:46

Hi all, just wanted to add an update. I had the same brake problem (the driver's side rear wasn't letting go) as described by many.

I took it into my dealer when I noticed I went from having plenty of brake pad left 4 months ago, to grinding metal on metal this week.

They didn't argue with me at all. They said that the all of the lubrication was missing from the caliper. They lubricated the caliper (it is working fine for now), replaced the rotor and both rear pads. They are ordering the caliper and will replace that this week.

No arguments at all, they admitted that it was under warranty right away and are fixing it...


24th Apr 2010, 09:49

I have 2007 Santa Fe also, and my husband is at this moment trying to get off the driver side rotor with not very much luck. I wish we knew the rotor issue sooner. The back driver side has constantly squealed since we purchased it, changing the brakes many times already. The car has been a disappointment since I purchased it, but at the time was a deal I couldn't refuse. Now I know why.

27th Apr 2010, 17:06

Must of been a heavy rain to short everything out.

20th May 2010, 14:22

2007 Santa Fe GLS AWD.

I have a wicked squeal coming from the front right brake, and it only happens when I drive it according to the service manager. I pay for regular maintenance and just had the rear brake service done when they replaced the pads with aftermarkets. Of course they didn't tell me that until appointment #2 to find out why all the squealing since the service was done. I had no squealing prior to the service. Could it be that the aftermarkets are causing this?

3rd Jun 2010, 12:43

I have a 07 Santa Fe and have the same problem as everyone else with the brakes. I've noticed this problem goes back a few years and wonder why Hyundai hasn't fixed this problem yet! I am so disappointed in this car. I don't have a lot of money to put into this vehicle for "seized" brakes. I am going to try to call Hyundai and see if they can give me some satisfaction.