Scoupe LS 1.5L

Go Go Gadget Getter

342 words


Great performance at a great price

78 words

Scoupe LS 1.5L Alpha (12Valve)Gas

A throw-away car that will be hard to let go of when that time comes

371 words

Scoupe LS Turbo 1.5L

A great bargain for a hobbyist

128 words, 1 comment

Scoupe LS

It has heart... and some problems

149 words

Scoupe LS 1.5 turbo

Economical sports car

65 words

Scoupe LS 4 banger

My love and total obsession

149 words, 2 comments

Scoupe LS

Sexy, sweet, great deal

35 words

Scoupe GL 1.5L

10 words

Scoupe Turbo 1.5 turbo

Good car for gas mileage concientious (?) people who need a little pep in their car

39 words, 2 comments

Scoupe Turbo 1.5 turbo

Don't bother getting it

52 words, 5 comments

Scoupe LS 1.5 SOHC

Great when things run as they should

226 words, 2 comments

Scoupe 1.5

156 words

Scoupe LS Turbo 1.5 liter turbo

107 words