Rodeo LS 3.2 V6 gas

It's definitely a sleeper, looks more expensive than it is when equipped

167 words

Rodeo LSE 3.6L 2WD

A solid motor and chassis, some electrical problems, but overall a great vehicle

253 words, 2 comments

Rodeo LS 3.2L

Energizer bunny with 205hp

181 words

Rodeo LSE Package 3.2 Liter V6

The Isuzu Rodeo is a undercover BMW X5

186 words

Rodeo LX 3.2 V6

Good for us, however know the maintenance history!

125 words

Rodeo LS 2.6

Not sure if I would purchase another Rodeo but we take a chance on any care we buy... new or used

272 words

Rodeo LS 3.2 V6 DOHC

142 words, 1 comment

Rodeo LS 3.2Liter V6

Intermittent wiper failure

160 words

Rodeo LS

Many weird and ghostly symptoms that come and go!

302 words

Rodeo LSE

Not Again!

182 words, 2 comments

Rodeo LS V6

It is a fairly good vehicle

76 words

Rodeo LS 6 cylinder gas

The Isuzu is a pile of trash after you put about 70,000 miles on it

185 words, 9 comments

Rodeo 2.2

Scary... bad.. expensive to maintain

80 words, 3 comments

Rodeo LS 3.2 V6

This is the worst decision I ever made

129 words

Rodeo LS 3.5

142 words, 1 comment

Rodeo LS

In shock of seeing bad reviews!

111 words


Gas Guzzler

47 words, 1 comment

Rodeo Base w/ ABS 2.2L gasoline

Never Ever Getting an Isuzu Again!!! NEVER!

784 words, 1 comment

Rodeo LS 6 cylinder

Great long distance vehicle

89 words

Rodeo LS 4WD 3.2L V6

Fabulous Rodeo. Couldn't be happier

110 words

Rodeo LS 3.2 V6

Overall I love my Rodeo, and will most likely consider purchasing another

400 words, 17 comments

Rodeo LS 3.2

Poor man's Honda - Not even as good as a Hyundai

128 words, 1 comment

Rodeo LS 3.1

Durable undervalued in the U.S.!

107 words, 2 comments

Rodeo LXE 3.2L 6-Cylinder

Great car if the company would communicate

92 words

Rodeo S 4 cylinder

Car is decent, but the manufacturer is does not honor there warranties

359 words, 2 comments

Rodeo LS 1.6

A total disappointment!

81 words, 1 comment


I love this truck

55 words, 5 comments

Rodeo LS 3.2 V6

An overlooked, fun, well running Sport Utility Vehicle

114 words, 3 comments

Rodeo LS V6

Great looking, fun, reliable SUV!

35 words, 1 comment

Rodeo LSE 4WD 3.2 V-6

Finally a Sports Utility that dislikes pavement

75 words, 5 comments