Cherokee Pioneer XJ 4.0 inline six

A jeep is the best offroad truck that you can buy

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Cherokee 4.0L straight six

A joy for snowstorms

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Cherokee 4.0

Bad luck on my side!

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Cherokee Straight six

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Cherokee Pioneer 4.0L Straight 6

Jeeps are built like tanks, and just keep going and going and going

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Cherokee Laredo 4.0

Tough, reliable truck... and damn sexy too

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Cherokee Wagoneer 4.0

A Requiem For a Great Jeep

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Cherokee Wagoneer 4.0

A Requiem

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Cherokee Laredo 4.0L

Nothing like it, best car I have ever owned

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Cherokee Limited AMC 4.0L I6

If you can find an original AMC XJ with decent miles buy it you'll love it

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Cherokee Laredo 4.0L V6

Solid as a ROCK!

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Cherokee Laredo 4.0L

An outstanding vehicle

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Cherokee Learado 4.0 inline six

If you don't get a lemon you'll get your bang for your buck!

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Cherokee Laredo 4.0L Inline Six

A very reliable and durable vehicle although it has the gas mileage of a small V8

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Cherokee Inline 6

In for the long haul

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Cherokee Laredo 4.0L In-line 6

A great truck for the serious off-roader

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Cherokee Laredo 4.0 L 6-cylinder

Great 4 wheel drive and a good value

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