Cherokee Laredo 4.0 straight six


209 words

Cherokee Pioneer 4.0L

I absolutely love my Jeep, and will keep it forever!

227 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Limited 4.0 straight 6

My truck's bigger than your truck

92 words

Cherokee Chief 4.0L

Not worth the money, find a newer or older year!!!

256 words, 4 comments

Cherokee Laredo 4.0

Smelly, dangerous, unreliable, cute if no rust

188 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Pioneer 4.0L inline 6

If cars could be cloned, I'd clone this one in a heartbeat!

106 words

Cherokee Pioneer 4.0 Liter inline 6

No regrets whatsoever buying it!

282 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 l6

These are priceless in my books

119 words

Cherokee Laredo 4L Inline six

21 years, 167000 miles, two continents, and still going!

89 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 liter

Well made and rugged

69 words

Cherokee Pioneer 4.0

Highly dependable, utilitarian, fun to drive and economical

159 words

Cherokee Pioneer Straight 6 4.0L

I love this Jeep

44 words

Cherokee 4.0 Litre

I love this car and will never sell it!

84 words

Cherokee 4.0 straight-six

Always there, through thick and through thin

315 words

Cherokee Basic 4.0 Inline 6

Jeep's are tradition, beasts where pavement isn't laid

507 words

Cherokee Pioner 4.0 Liter V6

Reliable, quick, fun to drive, and great in bad weather!

107 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Laredo 4.0

Rugged, reliable, indestructible, bullet proof

190 words

Cherokee Pioneer 4.0 litre

The Cherokee is a practical, versatile, durable all-round vehicle

961 words, 3 comments

Cherokee Cheif 4.0L Straight 6

Jeep Cherokees are best 4 wheel drive vehicles ever produced

200 words, 1 comment


I love my Jeep!!!

167 words

Cherokee pioneer 4.0 Power Tech

"It's a Jeep Thing"

48 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Base 6 cylinder. 4.0

Great Mid-Sized SUV!

150 words

Cherokee Chief 4.0L

Best SUV ever built

165 words

Cherokee limited 4.0

Best all around, go anywhere vehicle ever made!

192 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 litre

The most reliable 4x4 I've ever owned, I'm in love!!

325 words

Cherokee Pioneer 4.0

High maintenance

55 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0

Amazingly all around great car at a very low cost

328 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Limited 4.0

I am disappointed

69 words, 1 comment

Cherokee limited 4.0

This car is somewhat reliable and good looking, the repairs are at the medium price range

65 words

Cherokee Pioneer 4.0L

Definitely got my money out of this one!

235 words, 6 comments

Cherokee Laredo 4.0L 6 cylinder

Pretty hardy 4x4 but moody

68 words, 5 comments

Cherokee pioneer 4.0 ltr. in-line 6

An unexpected joyride

56 words

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 I-6

A great, dependable, distinctly American vehicle

236 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Limited - North America i6

A high performance bargain indeed!

77 words

Cherokee Limited 4.0


32 words, 14 comments

Cherokee Laredo 4.0 Straight 6 cylinder

A bargain for the amount of money I have invested

255 words

Cherokee Base 4.0 liter inline six

Go anywhere, built like a battleship, and always there for you

349 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Pioneer 4.0 HO I6

The best all around vehicle PERIOD!

67 words, 3 comments

Cherokee Pioneer I6

Deserves all of the accolades bestowed upon it over the years

164 words

Cherokee Laredo 242 CID L6 MFI

A Cherokee is SOLID proof of a tried and tested winner

125 words, 1 comment

Cherokee 4.0 inline 6 cylinder gas

This vehicle is durable and reliable

86 words

Cherokee Pioneer 4.0L I6

The best car you could ever buy

100 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Pioneer 4.0 I-6

93 words, 21 comments