1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 4.0 from North America


Highly dependable, utilitarian, fun to drive and economical


Radiator has been replaced twice. Systemic problem with the plastic top separating from the core.

Front wheel bearings went out at 70,000 miles and have been good since!

Water pumps replaced at 90,000 mile intervals.

Brakes don't stop well, no matter who's rotors, pads and shoes you use!

Paint clear-coat shot in less than 2 years of ownership. Aftermarket paint job lasted 17 years before clear-coat breakdown!

Harmonic balancer replaced once.

General Comments:

Very dependable vehicle. Turn the key and it'll start no matter where it is.

Still gets the same gas mileage today as I got the day I picked it up over 20 years ago.

Burns just little more oil than it did when it was new -less than a half a quart each 3,000 miles. The engine has never been opened or touched.

Doesn't drip any oil from either the engine or rear end. Clean driveway!

Very responsive, quick turning, great visibility, terrific off-road (where the Cherokee shines!).

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Review Date: 5th August, 2008

1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer Straight 6 4.0L from North America


I love this Jeep


Normal brake wear.

The alternator.


General Comments:

Brakes wear out, no matter what year you get.

The alternator was still the factory one.

U-joints, well they have to be replaced when your car is older than your oldest child. (middle school)

Other than that... Nothing.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2008

27th Oct 2019, 23:25

I believe cars and children age at the same rate

28th Oct 2019, 21:54

That makes sense. I bought a new car the same year my son was born.

29th Oct 2019, 16:13

Except you don't need to replace children's u-joints...

29th Oct 2019, 21:21

That comment is pointless unless you still own the car to see if it aged as well as your son did.

31st Oct 2019, 02:42

That was around 50 plus cars ago with varying model years. My family however aged as time progressed. Many of the cars got younger or took early retirement for the next piece. I am really enjoying this fun conversation, leading nowhere of course.

31st Oct 2019, 17:13

Why take part in it then, if you feel it's going nowhere?

1st Nov 2019, 02:44

"Many of the cars got younger"???

Well, I guess we all know now that there is a fountain of youth that applies to vehicles.

1st Nov 2019, 17:51

Sure is. You can do a pro touring muscle car as an example. Modern frame, engine, drivetrain, high end interior, glass chrome electronics, brakes steering etc. Have the VIN checked and approved by police on days they are at Motor Vehicle. Literally a drive anywhere “new car” with correct dated title to year of the original car. Best of both worlds. Modern technology with classic looks. Not the review vehicle, but one that is worth the expense. Get out from behind your keyboard and build your dream car.

1988 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Litre from North America


I love this car and will never sell it!


Peugeot transmission is falling apart on the inside.

Rear U-joint on rear drive shaft and yolk joint ripped apart.

Turn signal wiring harness is messed up, the turn signals are random and intermittent.

Head liner is gone.

General Comments:

It handles extremely well, even in wet weather.

Acceleration is very good.

Can climb any hill.

Its one of those cars that will take you home no matter what you do to it.

Dash layout is very clean while giving vital information quickly, but lacks a tach.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2008

1988 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 straight-six from North America


Always there, through thick and through thin


Truck has overheated countless times due to failing thermostats, but we fixed that.

Transmission started to slip towards the end of ownership.

We bought it at an auction, and the miles on it had been rolled back, so it read 38,000. By the time we sold it, it had to have had over 200,000 on it. We drove it everywhere, all the time.

General Comments:

Truck has been very durable and reliable. The engine and the transmission were of rock-solid dependability and reliability.

Truck had ample low end torque, and would have made a decent tow vehicle. It was not refined, but rather a rugged and noisy workhorse; it's what gave the truck character and made it fun.

The interior was somewhat cramped, especially the rear seats, but the materials used were of industrial grade and were very tough. Everything on this truck was bullet-proof.

The exterior was built of solid materials, but the stock paint was of poor quality. The paint bubbled on the hood from all the overheating it did, so we repainted it. It ended up doing it again anyway, but we still loved it.

In the end it had been a very good "buddy". It always got us where we were going and never ceased to amaze us with its tremendous level of endurance towards harsh punishment and abuse. Our mechanic says he has seen them come in with almost no oil and transmission fluid, and they still run fine. Old jeeps never die. What makes them tick is a mystery.

Sadly we had to sell it because the transmission started to slip, and the repair bill cost more than the vehicle was worth. We miss our old "jeepster".

I would highly recommend one of these Jeeps to anyone looking for a cheap and reliable offroad vehicle, tow rig, or family SUV. Our Jeep did it all, we were very pleased Jeep customers.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2008