1988 Jeep Cherokee Basic 4.0 Inline 6 from North America


Jeep's are tradition, beasts where pavement isn't laid


I blew out the radiator, apparently due to poor maintenance, the radiator had been filled with water over the years which resulted in it rusting internally.

I pushed it hard and limped it in running hot with the blown radiator, and blew at minimum the valve cover gasket.

The rest of the issues, were there when I bought it.

General Comments:

Well, I'm in the Army, and have always been a Jeep guy, though I never had one.

I finally bought a TJ the year before my deployment, so I've owned her for 2 years now.

When we got back, I took a soldier up to pick a car out of a used car lot, and spotted what we now know as "Hank." Hank's a 1988 Cherokee, that cost me 400 bucks to drive him home off that lot. Poorly maintained, a seasoned old man, begging for a second chance.

The long windows of those two doors, must have spent some time open, because, the floorboards on either side just along the edge are rusted through. Cheap/old window tint which had started bubbling, made it hard to see.

He's got new brakes now, new tires all around even the spare. That 5 speed's got that low end power I love, Hank climbed up a wet paved hill sideways on those bald tires he had when I found him.

I've replaced the passenger side window, which had been busted out prior my buy, along with the small triangular front side windows on the driver/pass. doors, because of the tint's condition made rear view mirror use hard.

Replaced the driver side seat belt and buckle. The buckle had lost the ability to lock, and the belt had frayed. Now I'm getting a new radiator, and valve cover gasket.

All of these parts thus far came cheap, out of various salvage yards. I'm up to about 1000 dollars invested thus far.

Hank's going to be Charlotte, my TJ's camping relief. For those occasions, where I need space for equipment or room for friends. He's also got a receiver hitch under that rear bumper, so that low 1st gear may help tow a boat or maybe Charlie later down the road. It's definitely a Jeep thing.

My girlfriend swears by Chevy, and she may be right when you're in need of that bed, or want something cheap for the long haul, well if you stay to the aged, but if you're like me, and want to fling some dirt, or see what most won't, a Jeep's the standard.

They come with maintenance, for sure, but when they run, they don't stop, and if they stop, it ain't too pretty LOL. When Hank gets on his feet, and Charlie runs at his side, I'd love to see a Chevy (or any other make) do they're job so well.

If all goes to plan, and dream, Hank'll sit on Dana 60's front and rear with 44s slung under, standing tall, under a loaded luggage rack, dragging whoever I find out of whatever hole they misjudged.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2007

1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioner 4.0 Liter V6 from North America


Reliable, quick, fun to drive, and great in bad weather!


I have had this car for a a weak, and everything is running very well except for one thing... It is the automatic locks. The work when they want to and some times they work like a charm with no problems? So I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Because I am going to take mine in to get it fixed is someone doesn't give me advise?

General Comments:

Other than this everything is in great operating care! It has a new paint job and an awsome interior!

I absolutely love this car!!!

It is quick and handles very well for being an off road vehicle!

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2006

22nd Mar 2015, 13:59

Hi, I own a 88 Cherokee and had the same problem! I took it to my tranny shop and was told to replace the throttle positioning sensor. My shifting problems are gone now, the cost was 85.00 dollars, easy to do. Just go to YouTube for instructions.