Cherokee Sport 4.0 inline 6 cylinder

Would get couple more of at least this year or two!

221 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0


220 words

Cherokee Laredo 6 cylinder

Impressive, fun, comfortable, reliable

51 words

Cherokee Classic 4.0 Liter HO

Best SUV ever made

175 words

Cherokee SE 4.0 6 cylinder

Good 4x4 once the built in defects are repaired

99 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Sport 4x4 4.0L I-6


136 words

Cherokee Country 4.0 I-6

A Utilitarian Champ!

193 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0 high output

The Jeep is everything I anticipated, and much more!

73 words

Cherokee Limited 4.0


152 words

Cherokee Country 4.0 HO, straight 6 cal

My Jeep Cherokee is a great car!

483 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Country 4.0L inline 6

I think it's great

40 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Limited 4.0

Problems that the corporation should fix

46 words

Cherokee SE 4.0 liter


33 words

Cherokee Sport 4 litre V6 engine

Comfortable and fun to drive, but can get costly

357 words, 1 comment

Cherokee 4.0 Litre High Output

Hot damn its great

55 words

Cherokee Country

Fine, fine little truck!!!

408 words

Cherokee loredo 5.2

This year jeep is great

61 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0L

Have gotten my money's worth!

131 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0 Liter

Looks like it will go 250K miles, enough said..

53 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Sport 6.0

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

290 words, 5 comments

Cherokee Country 4.0 inline six

Best vehicle ever made

202 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0

Rugged beast, ideal frills-free SUV

134 words, 2 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0 Liter

I have never been more infatuated with a car in my entire life

54 words

Cherokee 4.0 Straight Six

My Cherokee is solid, reliable, tough, and niosy!

307 words, 4 comments


Never expected it to be so good for so long

63 words

Cherokee 2WD

If you are looking for a car that will never die on you, Cherokee is, then, one you should choose

166 words, 2 comments

Cherokee ES 2.5

This vehicle is a great alternative to the minivan

63 words

Cherokee 6 cylinder.

Best car of my life

96 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0 High output

Great SUV!

22 words

Cherokee 4.0

The best dependable SUV out there!

77 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0

Totally Worth The Money I payed

37 words

Cherokee Sport 4x4 4.0L six cylinder High Output

A rock solid reliable SUV. It's a shame it's not made anymore

149 words

Cherokee SE 4.0

Gets the job done

48 words, 1 comment

Cherokee Sport 4 Litre

Indestructible truck built to last

138 words

Cherokee 4.0 liter Straight 6 cylinder

A ride worth the money

95 words

Cherokee xj 4.0 h.o.

A low budget, high performance s.u.v

127 words

Cherokee 4.0L Strait 6

A good car, cheap to buy and cheap to maintain

85 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0L

A stout reliable vehicle

178 words, 3 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0L

A great vehicle!

111 words, 2 comments

Cherokee SE 4.0

An SUV tough enough to still be called a truck

202 words

Cherokee Sport 4x4 4.0L L6

The SUV that REALLY goes off road!

115 words

Cherokee Sport 4.0

A vehicle with style, but not built with quality

216 words, 3 comments

Cherokee Sport 4.0L

A SUV with a sporty attitude

78 words

Cherokee SE 4.0

The best car I have ever owned

62 words, 1 comment

Cherokee SE 4-Door 2.5L

4x4 with no doors!

160 words, 8 comments


Overated nightmare!

95 words, 14 comments