Comanche Base 2.5 I4

Fun, and has paid for itself over and over

140 words, 1 comment

Comanche 4.0 Liter

Best truck ever made

170 words, 1 comment

Comanche comanche Pick-up 4.0 liter

A strong little truck that can go anywhere, and do almost anything

233 words

Comanche pioneer 4.0


78 words

Comanche MJ 2.5

Greatest small pickup ever built

93 words, 4 comments

Comanche Chief 4.0 Litre 242 cubic inch gas powered

Power, strength, reliability and style all rapped up into one

78 words, 2 comments

Comanche Chief 4x4 4.0L

It's fun to drive, looks tough, is tough, and I am very attached to it

198 words

Comanche MJ 4.0L Inline 6

A solid, nice looking, and great performing workhorse

60 words

Comanche pioneer 4.0L

Small truck with heart of a full size

182 words, 1 comment

Comanche 4.0 242cu. in. gasoline

The best pickup ever

26 words, 1 comment

Comanche 2wd longbed pickup 2.5 4 cylinder

Remarkably good vehicle

74 words