Comanche MJ 4.0L


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Comanche 4.0 litre

My friends wish their trucks were as tough

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Comanche Pioneer

There is no truck better than the MJ!

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Comanche Pioneer 4.0 I6

Perfect for all around needs

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Comanche Pioneer Short Bed 4.0L

I love my new Jeep!!!

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Comanche Eliminator 4.0 6 Cylinder

The Comanche is the best small pickup ever built

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Comanche Pioneer Olympic 4.0 I6

Size has no relevance to its might!

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Comanche Pioneer 4.0

Quality built truck for the money

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Comanche Pioneer 150ci 2.5L 4 Cylinder

I wouldn't trade this truck for anything!

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Comanche 2x4 4.0 straight 6

Outstanding little truck

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Comanche 2wd Longbed Pioneer 4.0 liter

Best vehicle I will ever own

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Comanche Pioneer 4.0 High Output

Worth its weight in paper

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Comanche Laredo 4.0L

An outstanding truck for the money!!

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Comanche pioneer 2.5L. 4 cylinder.

Jeep has had some hit and miss concepts, but this is definitely a hit!

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Comanche Pioneer 4.0L I6

A member of the family

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Comanche Pioneer 4.0L 6I

Never been sorry I bought it!

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Comanche Pioneer 4.0L in line 6

The most reliable vehicle I've ever owned!

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Comanche I-6

A reliable and unique vehicle at a bargain price

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Comanche 4.0L inline six cylinder

Lots of bang for the buck

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Comanche Pioneer 4.0 Litre I-6

One of Jeep's finest offerings ever!

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Comanche Pioneer 4.0L I6

A truck for any lover of Jeep vehicles

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Comanche Base 242 4.0 l6 cylinder

Extremely dependable 4*4 power

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Comanche Base 4.0 inline 6

Best truck ever made!!!

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Comanche 2wd Eliminator 4.0 I6

Fun, easy to work on and reliable

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Comanche Pioneer 4.0 liter inline

Why aren't there more? They're great!

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Comanche Pioneer 4.0 straight six

This was an amazing truck in its day

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Comanche Pioneer 4.0L

Best impulse buy I ever made

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Comanche 4.0L inline 6 cylinder

Sporty, reliable truck

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